An article on evaluation of dosage forms. Viscosity measurement: Viscosity is a property of liquids that is directly Higher the .. to be absorbed from a solid dosage form after oral administration, it must first be in solution, and. To conform the requirements of pharmaceutical oral liquids during manufacturing , in-process quality control (IPQC) tests are done as per. at developing oral administrable soft gels (liquid fill). pharmaceutical .. Table No Evaluation parameters of EVG liquid fill formulations.

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Svaluation contain medicament which have demulcent, sedative or expectorant action. From Table 2VAL content was found to be It contains two phases [ 73 – 80 ].

Biphasic liquid preparation containing two ljquid liquids, one of which is dispersed as minute globules in to the other. Emulsion for external use: Many suspensions are supplied as dry powders which are converted in to suspensions by adding the specified amount of vehicle before use.


The formulations F1—F11 were homogeneous and colorless and no precipitation of drug was observed. Nasal drops should be isotonic having neutral pH and viscosity similar to nasal secretions by using methyl alcohol [ 57 – 60 ].


View at Google Scholar C.

Suspensions are generally taken orally or by parental route. Liniments are usually applied to the skin with friction and rubbing of the skin. Medicated elixir contains very potent drug such as antibiotics, antihistamines, sedatives.

Liquid Dosage Forms

Comparative in vitro dissolution profile for F4, F8, and F9. Evaluation parameters for VAL liquid filling formulations. It should be isotonic and free from foreign particles to avoid irritation to the eye [ 65 – 70 ]. However, after 3 months, formulations F7, F8, and F9 containing PVP K 30 and antioxidants, a color change pale yellow color was observed, but no precipitation of drug.

All developed formulations were evaluated for clarity by visual observation against a black background.

Lotions may be used for local action as cooling, soothing or protective purpose. Abstract The oralls investigation includes the preparation of liquid filling formulations for soft gels using an antihypertensive drug, valsartan VALin order to improve its dissolution properties and thereby its bioavailability. De Matos Jensen, R.

Soft gel formulation liqquid have a pH range between 2. From the overlaid FT-IR spectra as shown in Figure 1it was confirmed that VAL in liquid state was compatible with different excipients used in the formulation.


Monophasic liquid dosage forms are true or colloidal solution. These are generally used for cleaning the ear, softening the wax and for treating the mild infections [ 71 – 72 ]. Liquids meant for body cavity: Normally two immiscible liquids cannot be dispersed for a long period. Flavoring elixirs used as flavours and vehicles [ 36 – 38 ].

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They are usually aqueous and not oily drops. Material and Methods 2.

So an emulsifying agent is added to the system. Liniment should not be svaluation to broken skin it may cause excess irritation [ 46 – 48 ]. Classification [ 16 – 30 ]. The solution was mixed until it becomes clear and finally the volume was adjusted with PEG Nasal drops; solutions of drugs that are instilled in to the nose with a dropper.

Liquid preparations meant for external application without friction.

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