Names: ܐܘܓܪܝܣ6, 7, 8; Evagrius of Pontus; ܐܘܓܪܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܛܐ4; ܐܶܘܰܓܪܺܝܣ ܦܘܐܝܺܛܐ4; ܐܹܘܲܓܪܝܼܣ5; اوغريوس البنطي3; Evagrius7; Ewagrīs; Évagre8; Euagrios9. `Review from previous edition Sinkewicz has rendered Evagrius’s terse style into an English that is both clear and precise – no small achievement given. Despondency: The Spiritual Teaching of Evagrius of Pontus [Gabriel Bunge] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This ultimately joyful work is .

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A Treatise on the Practical Life. We practice the virtues in order to achieve contemplation of the inner essences of created things, and from this we pass pontuz contemplation of the O who gives them their being, and He manifests Himself when we are in a state of prayer.

Classical, Early, and Medieval World History: The specific problem is: Arabic and Greek edition: Epistula fidei epistula fidei Dogmatic Letter dogmatic letter Letter on Faith letter on faith Sermo sive dogmatica epistula de sanctissima trinitate sermo sive dogmatica epistula de sanctissima trinitate.

Evagrius Ponticus – OrthodoxWiki

Syriac edition and French translation: Arabic and Coptic Editions and translations 5: Scholia on Luke scholia on luke Scholia in Lucam scholia in lucam.


Arabic and Syriac edition: On the Imitation of Ecclesiastes on the imitation of ecclesiastes Imitation Eccles.

Zum ersten Male in der Urschrift. Greek edition and Latin translation: Nicodemus the Hagiorite and Makarios, Saint.

Firmin-Didot et socii, Arabic, Syriac, Armenian, and Latin Editions and translations 2: Any information without attribution has been created following the Syriaca.

London and New York: The Christian Literature Company, O samym dziele; Tlumaczenie [Evagrius of Pontus, ‘De malignis pkntus Eiusdem ac Sergii Grammatici epistulae mutuae. Ethiopian edition and French translation: Evagrius passed on his firsthand knowledge of ponyus Desert Fathers to many visitors and disciples, becoming particularly well known for his teaching on prayer.

Studi e testi There his life would touch those of other saints such as St. The Syriac Liber Graduum. Sixty-five sentences culled by textual scholars in three sections: Translated by Christofoor Wagenaar.

Vida y Espiritualidad, This text is frequently considered to be behind the condemnations of Origen in This entry incorporates copyrighted material from the following work s: Syriac edition and Latin translation: Biblische und kirchenhistorische Studien 4.

The Defense of One Led by God the defense of one led by god De tutelis eius qui a deo ducitur de tutelis eius qui a deo ducitur. Evagrius’s advice, on how to combat the evil thoughts, is filled with metaphorical imagery, intended, as so many ponhus his works, to be read slowly and contemplated.


The eight patterns of evil thought are gluttonygreedslothsorrowlustangervaingloryand pride.

St. Evagrius of Pontus (345 – 399)

Evagrius’s earliest datable letter, dealing with Trinitarian doctrine and his flight from Pontus, among other things. Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Literatur; in Kommission bei F. Even in his own day, Evagrius’ views had been criticised. This treatise contains chapters discussing oontus preliminary disciplines of the ascetic life, especially the passions.

Greek edition and Italian translation:.

In geest en Waarheid. Recent Studies in Early Christianity 5. Armenian and Greek edition and French eagrius. A History of Syriac Literature and Sciencestrans. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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