Marxist philosophy is not to be found in Marx’s writings, but emerged retrospectively in of For Marx and (with Etienne Balibar) Reading Capital (trans. ETIENNE BALIBAR. “Succinct and informative”. Fredric Jameson. “A trenchant and exciting analysis of the philosophy of Marx”. Immanuel Wallerstein. A rich and accessible introduction to Marx’s fundamental concepts from a key intellectual—now updated Written by one of political theory’s.

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Another thing to note is that this is a work of Philosophy of the kind that is found in university departmentsbalibxr therefore comes with its limitations as well as advantages. It is a book which is probably best suited to someone who already has an understanding of the basics and is looking for a more in depth analysis of the philosophical elements of Marx, including how they impact his appro This is a useful discussion of some aspects of Marx as a philosopher from a leading French academic on the subject.

The Philosophy of Marx by Étienne Balibar

I have come across a few that I suspected were fraudsoften smart frauds but still frauds. Refers to criticisms and perspectives as though the reader knows them without introduction or anything and the topics it does introduce are sometimes really hurried.

When Libertarian Americans appeal to Ayn Rand as an icon, to choose an example which would be absurd if the world was not insane, why is it not ideal to summon the arguments Marx wrote against the egoism of Max Stirner in the Ideologies? So Balibar does seek to place Marx in his own historical context but denies the importance of practiced Marxism: Download our Spring Fiction Sampler Now. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone.


In discussing ideology Balibar seems to indicate philosolhy it is conflict with fetishism in Marx’s work. By continuing to use this website, you philosopy to their use.

Review: The Philosophy of Marx – Etienne Balibar (Verso, ) | Symptomatic Commentary

Indeed, for Kant, representation, a type of interpretation, is constituted by subjectivity. It had been too disenfranchised by capitalism to have hhe class-interest of its own, and therefore any consciousness shaped by that narrow interest. Lists with This Book. Oct 17, Asaad Mahmood rated it it was ok. Fetishism, by contrast, was a theory of subjection to the market in which productive human activity was alienated from itself via its subordination to the reproduction of exchange value.

Secondly, Balibar is not just introducing the material, he is making a sustained argument about Marxist philosophy itself. Apr 25, Michael Di benedetto eitenne it it was amazing.

It is a book which is probably best suited to someone who already has an understanding of the basics and is looking for a more in depth analysis of the philosophical elements of Marx, including how they impact his approach to politics, history, and economics.

Request removal from index. Providing a lucid, succinct, and accessible introduction to Marx and his key followers, complete with pedagogical information f The only guide to Marx that the hhe and scholar will need: I ettienne this is a misunderstanding of what an evolutionary view is.

The Philosophy of Marx

You are commenting using your Facebook account. In the Critique of the Gotha Program, Marx famously made his distinction between socialism and communism. Marx was at his most anti-philosophical, perhaps predictably, upon immediately turning away from philosophical academia.

The need for a basic introduction to Marx’s thinking is probably better served by the first volume of Leszek Kolakowski’s “Main Currents of Marxism”, while Bertell Ollman’s “Dance of the Dialectic” is a good introduction to key concepts such as abstraction and contradiction. Chapter 5 gives an interesting re-evaluation of his essay in “reading capital”.


In the 18th Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, Marx was forced to admit that the economic realities of the working class created class unity but also competition between workers for resources. In conclusion, this perhaps is a text that philosophu needs to come back to later on in his life, but this definitely does not serve as an introduction for me, and I find it hard to see how this could be an introductory resource for young critics of either strand.

It isn’t I think however a comprehensive dissection of Marx’s philosophy. A Reader Rodolfo D. Why Read Marx Today?

Selected pages Title Page. Capitalism being necessarily transformative, it is necessarily true that society will evolve in the future and revolutionary practice will evolve along with it.

Balibar suggest that Marx, in coping with the internal confusions and external crises of his time, simply discarded general trends and applied the rationality of the class struggle to specific problems.

I have also recently read Das Kapital while listening to David Harvey’s lectures on the topic. It also deals with Marx’s disagreements with both Proudhon and Stirner, and the impact that these arguments had on his philosophy.

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