Avaliação da idade gestacional de recém-nascidos pré-termo através do exame .. com as escalas obstétrica (DUM) e neonatais (de Dubowitz e de Capurro). e. Las Escalas Bayley II y de Desarrollo Infantil fueron utilizadas, con énfasis en los .. Dubowitz LM, Dubowitz V, Mercuri E. The neurological assessment of the. Como uma alternativa simplificada ao escore de Dubowitz (Dubowitz et al., ), . Para a avaliação da confiabilidade interobservador da escala NB e dos.

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Claudia Leite Moraes 1, eacala Michael E. Validity of neonatal clinical assessment for estimation of gestational age: Abstract The objective of this article is to evaluate the accuracy of the New Ballard NB score in detecting prematurity. First, an assessment of fscala reliability of the NB score measurements and the USG reports was carried out. Regarding the NB scores, the kappa coefficient and the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient were, respectively, 0.

Turning to validity, sensitivity escalx the NB score was below 0. Although specificity was consistently above 0. The proportion of false negatives may be a warning against its use alone, both in clinical practice and in epidemiological research contexts. Rather, the procedure should be recommended mainly as an accessory diagnostic tool. Como uma alternativa simplificada ao escore de Dubowitz Dubowitz et al. Esse recorte visou acompanhar a literatura que aventa a possibilidade de problemas de estimativa da idade gestacional pela DUM Kramer et al.

O coeficiente kappa Cohen, ; Fleiss et al. Ao se analisarem os exames em conjunto, o ICC foi 0,96 0, A sensibilidade variou entre 0,50 e 0, De forma diferente se comportou a especificidade do escore. Conforme esperado, houve uma melhora da confiabilidade com o decorrer do trabalho de campo. O aumento dos coeficientes explica-se pelo aprimoramento da forma de abordagem dos pacientes com o andamento do estudo.

A dificuldade maior ocorreria se os casos fossem alocados no grupo-controle. Dessa forma, apenas os resultados positivos do escore, indicando prematuridade, seriam considerados.


Vale sublinhar que os resultados se referem somente aos dados agregados. Gestational age reporting and preterm delivery. Public Health Reports Validity of postnatal assessments of gestational age: A comparison of the method of Ballard et al.

dubowitz edad gestacional pdf creator

American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology Possible acceleration of neurological maturation following high-risk pregnancy. New Ballard score, expanded to include extremely premature infants. Journal of Pediatrics A simplified score for assessment of fetal maturation of newly born infants. The intraclass correlation coefficient as a measure of reliability.

Psychological Reports On various intraclass correlation reliability coefficients. Psychological Bulletin British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Menstrual cycle length and the calculation of gestational age. American Journal of Epidemiology Statistical methods for assessing agreement between two methods of clinical measurement.

Routine ultrasound sceening for the prediction of gestational age. A simplified method for diagnosis esala gestational age in newborn infant. A coefficient of agreement for nominal scale.

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Educational and Psychological Necessities Use of physical and neurologic observations in assessment of gestational age in low duhowitz weight infants. Clinical assessment of gestational age in the newborn infants. The search for perinatal definitions and standards. Acta Paediatrica ScandinavicaSup. Studies on maturity in newborn infants.

Acta Paediatrica Scandinavica Further observations on the use of external characteristics in estimating gestational age. Large sample standard errors of kappa and weighted kappa.

dubowitz edad gestacional pdf file

Maternal work during pregnancy and the risks of delivering a small-for-gestational-age or preterm infant. Scandinavian Journal of Environmental Health Precision of gestational age assessment in neonate.

Acta Paediatrica Prematurity, postdates and growth retardation: The influence of use of ultrasonography on reported gestational age. The relationship between accelerated pulmonary maturity and accelerated neurological maturity in certain chronically stressed pregnancies.

Computed assisted analysis of multiple fetal growth parameters.

Do stressfull life events affect duration of gestation and risk of preterm delivery? Bias in studies of preterm and postterm delivery due to ultrasound assessment of gestational age.


Determinants of dubowizt birth weight: Methodological assessment and meta-analysis. Bulletin of the World Dubowiitz Organization The validity of gestational age estimation by menstrual dating in term, preterm, and postterm gestations. The measurement of observer agreement for categorical data.

A comparison of risk factors for preterm labor and term small-for-gestational-age birth. Birthweight and gestational age: Mother’s estimates compared with state and hospital records. American Journal of Public Health Risk factors for preterm and term low birthweight in Ahmedabad, India. International Journal of Epidemiology Sonographische Diagnostik in Gynakologie and Geburtshilfe: Ultrasonic mensuration of fetal limb bones in the second and third trimesters.

Journal of Clinical Ultrasound Medical record validation of maternally reported birth characteristics and pregnancy-related events: A report from children’s cancer group. Revista Brasileira de Epidemiologia1: Early ultrasound dating of pregnancy: Selection and measurement errors.

Journal of Clinical Epidemiology Selection and measurement biases. Conceptional age, menstrual age, and ultrasound age: A second trimester comparison of pregnancies of known conceptional date with pregnancies dated from the last menstrual period.


The routine or screening obstetrical ultrasound examination. Clinical Obstetrics and Gynecology Uses in assessing rater reliability. Inaccuracy of Dubowitz gestational age in low birth weight infants. Djbowitz Practical Guide to their Development and Use. Clinical assessment of gestational age in the newborn infant.

An evaluation of two methods. Acta Paediatica Scandinavica The routine obstetric ultrasound examination. Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics of North Rubowitz Maternal recall of distant pregnancy events. Services on Demand Journal. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. How to cite this article.

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