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He was a conscientious lecturer, supervised a erssmo of research students, including J. Relatives and scholars and all the different sorts of friends, and the children of friends, shared it in perpetual succession. Initially, there was some unfinished business which he had to complete. She was seen more in Cambridge when she accepted a place on the governing body of Girton. My colleague had just finished some editorial work on its last chapter when she was taken; but, war or peace, the volume shall be out early next year.

For three and a half years he served on the mountainous front north-east of Venice, between the rivers Isonzo and Piave, transporting wounded soldiers to hospitals behind the lines. But I will think of her in the garden of the house that they had just built not very far from mine, gay through all her distress, enjoying with the zest of a girl what was to her a new outdoor activity and surrounded by her springing flowers.

Ahora bien, en los momentos en que estalla la crisis no suelen respetarse -ni entenderse- las posiciones intermedias, las que quieren conservar lo mejor de ambos bandos.

But this is a journal for students, for the learners and those who should be learned. It depicted Garibaldi as a Carlylean srasmo, patriot, and man of action—whose inspired leadership created the Italian nation. Nuns were poor accountants and what we know of their estates is not particularly interesting.

Erasmo y España, estudios sobre la historia espiritual del siglo XVI

Towards the end of his time as master of Trinity, Trevelyan published An Autobiography and other Essaysin which he wrote very guardedly about his inner life, and rather inadequately about his work, his art, and his craft. If one cannot put it in so many words that she founded the Economic History Society in and so made possible the first number of the Economic History Review in January,it is certain that she was Secretary of the Society from the beginning and always a prime source of its vitality.


She spent the best years of her mature life in an atmosphere well impregnated with preferences and margins, various sorts of -polies, and all sorts of mathematical refine- ments in statistics, but retained an amused indifference to the finer and less human issues, combined with respect and affection for those who argue about them and a settled loyalty to the School of which they and she were parts. Of a different class, the three volumes of Tudor Economic Documentsedited for students with Professor Tawney, did not give her the chance of showing constructive qualities.

Essays on Historical Method. And the members of the Economic History Society will remember him not only as a historian who ranked with the foremost exponents of the subject, but also as a scholar of sparkling vitality and brilliant intellect, and a professional colleague of enduring and timeless stature.

abril | | Teoría de la historia | Página 13

All the time her many activities were never interrupted. For him the true glory of lay in its tolerant moderation, and in its long-lasting and beneficent effects.

She did it so well, exploding old fallacies and uncovering fresh truth, that no one need try the theme again for a generation or two. The plan for the medieval volumes was hers, but espax in co-operation with the colleague at the London School, already very near to her and to become much nearer after he had left it.

Buxton he edited a progressive journal entitled the Independent Review. Throughout his career his work was informed by his insistence on the exact application of proper economic concepts to the interpretation of economic history, on the need to keep batailloh of long-run trends, wrasmo on finding some common explanation of similar developments in different countries or regions.

Marcel Bataillon

In the same year he was appointed Research Assistant to Eileen Power. Written in the darkest years he had known, he poured out his patriotic feelings for what seemed to him the mortally endangered fabric of English life: His wife predeceased him inand his eramo years were made harder to bear by failing eyesight.

Luis de Granada, Fr. Esta sensibilidad, don raro, es su cualidad saliente. Running through it again I even found some few bits of what I should call Ph.

I suspect that her reading of them was a reading in them; and for Marshall I would not guarantee that. Meanwhile, Trevelyan and his family had left London for semi-rural Berkhamsted. He was devoid of vanity, pretence, or pomposity, he bataillin free of envy or small-mindedness, he was outstandingly public-spirited, and he was a generous benefactor to people and causes in which he believed.


There are notices of hers years old over the imperfect memory of which one still chuckles happily. All through her London life the circles that she touched were increasing in a way rather bewildering to people of few circles.

If anything, his intellectual vigour seemed to grow.

She had taken her degree, a remarkably good one of course, in And she could, I imagine, have passed easily from teaching History to teaching English. Her rooms were full of beautiful things, mostly Chinese.

Of one activity of these later years I am able to speak with rather special knowledge. Postan was very widely read indeed in social theory and philosophy, and for many years gave important lectures on Marxism at Cambridge together with courses in medieval economic history, the Industrial Revolution, and a special subject on British economic history in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Trevelyan returned in triumph to his Trinity fellowship, and took up residence at Garden Corner, 23 West Road, where he lived for the rest of his life. She worked her, way along lines of her own choosing. Rigid chronological treatment was to be avoided and contributors were to be few, each to take a big theme and treat it com- paratively.

As he interpreted it, the seventeenth century witnessed fundamental advances in religious toleration and parliamentary freedom, the forces of Catholic despotism were vanquished, and Great Britain gradually evolved towards the status of a world power.

Next she laid the foundations of her later intimacies with French scholars, and gained an appreciation of how learning may be carried and conveyed by art, in study and research at the Sorbonne. She appreciated London and the free life, and finally mastered the handling of records. Bataillon examina casos concretos en auxilio de sus aseveraciones:

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