When Enemy Combatant was first published in the United States in hardcover in [Moazzam Begg] describes his incarceration with restraint, precision, and. Enemy Combatant is a memoir by British Muslim, Moazzam Begg, co-written by Victoria Brittain, former Associate Foreign Editor for The Guardian, about Begg’s. Moazzam Begg is a British Pakistani who was held in extrajudicial detention by the US The US authorities held Begg as an enemy combatant, claiming Begg was an al-Qaeda member, who recruited for, and provided money for, al-Qaeda.

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Defense Department officials said that Begg’s sworn statements state he trained at Derunta and two other Afghan camps.

I couldn’t forget for a fombatant that moazza were the same men who ordered my punishment in Bagram. Volunteered on Convoy of Mercy trip to Bosnia; [61] later convicted of kidnapping Western tourists in India, currently appealing a death sentence in Pakistan for his part in the murder of Daniel Pearl [ citation needed ] US Department of Defense DoD alleges links, but Begg insists they never met [11].

Begg filed a complaint co,batant the Press Complaints Commission against The Sunday Times for publishing an accusation of links between Amnesty and the Taliban.

Retrieved 20 February Living the War on Terror”. Retrieved 14 November Retrieved 26 February Or you should be treated like POWs. That includes your spouse, your sibling, your parent, and you. Think of what would happen to them without you – your children, your wife I knew this must be Camp Delta, the main camp. And the sadness was almost sweet. No one was talking to him. Difficult to say I enjoyed this book, as reading very graphic descriptions of long term solitary confinement and torture was difficult at times.

Once I thought, when the screams started up, “I am just going to slip my wrists out of the shackles, hit the guard, grab the weapon off him and go next door to stop what is happening. This is an excellent, important book to read. He has toured as a speaker about his time in detention facilities, calling the British response to terrorism racistand disproportionate to anti-terror measures and legislation during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. Andrew also wanted to go over and over my trips to Bosnia and the Afghan camps in the s – round and round, always the same questions.


Mar 06, Don Tate rated it it was amazing. The other prisoners soon discovered that I could communicate easily with the Americans, without an interpreter, and they constantly asked me to translate their requests to guards and medics. Still, it must have been very painful to write.

He was said to be closely involved with senior extremists and associates of Osama bin Laden both in Britain and overseas.

The British Government said there was no evidence that British officials participated directly in the abuse of prisoners, [] however, hegga Public inquiry was formed to investigate the matter. While he thought that “fighting wasn’t out of the question,” he says that he co,batant not participate in the armed struggle, but did give financial support to the foreign fighters. No trivia or quizzes yet. Begg was not caught on any battlefield.

When I first saw Sergeant Foshee, I thought, “He’s too old to be in the army; they must be desperate. Nevertheless, he describes in his book about how happy he was and how much he loved his wife and children.

Things had changed a lot since I arrived. I lost track of day and night – not only was I usually in the hood but, in any case, the window was boarded up. Moazzam quotes from Malcolm X in this book, and I’ve included the quote here: As director of outreach for the prisoner rights organisation, CAGEBegg has appeared in the media and around the country, lecturing on issues pertaining to the British Muslim community, such as imprisonment without trial, torture, anti-terror legislation and measures and community relations.

Moazzam Begg

Disorientated and overwhelmed with irritation, emotion and distress, Begg became unsure of what was happening to him. He was in his room playing around on this laptop when there was a late night knock at the door and upon answering it he was surrounded by Pakistani police and intelligence officers. Begg was not just the “enemy combatant” referred to in the title of his book: I prayed that this would be my way out. It seems that this is a permanent facility and they intend to keep it as such”.


I had the misfortune of knowing better. Although talking was strictly combaatant, I did manage to exchange a few words with him, and have brief conversations with the Tajik and the Iranian – in Urdu.

Now they had built isolation rooms, and every single person who was brought in was put on sleep deprivation. Retrieved moaxzam November A unilateral decision was taken to prosecute a “war on terror” outside the criminal justice system. The writing is such that you immediately empathise and as he takes you on his journey it’s hard not to feel moved, and personally I was quite upset on numerous occasions.

Out of Guantánamo

I never saw any of them ever again. Inspired by the commitment of the mujahedeen, Begg said he travelled to Bosnia in the early s to help the Muslims during the war.

Still a timely read as many detainees remain in Guantanamo despite their being combztant of all charges. My mind battled with questions I was too afraid to ask. America Came to Me”.

Enemy Combatant by Moazzam Begg | US news | The Guardian

An interview with Moazzan Beggmuslim-minorities. I once mentioned the film Black Hawk Down to him. His father said Begg had been collecting military paraphernalia as a hobby since childhood. They’d constantly play ear-splitting heavy metal tracks by Marilyn Manson to break down new detainees.

It was Feroz Abbassi, from Croydon, who’d been in Echo, too. Sep 11, Aishah A. I have a new appreciation for the Muslim people and the trials they must endure because of their religion. moazzzm

With all this law in my head, frustrations mounting and the month of Ramadan impending, I was agitating to everyone I saw to be put in with other detainees.

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