There are an estimated , ACL repairs in the US each year: most ACL tears occurs from noncontact injuries. The % of the knee ligament injuries. Among femoral cortical suspension devices, the EndoButton CL . to confirm the position of the EndoButton after ACL reconstruction (Fig 3). One device used for femoral fixation of ACL grafts is the EndoButton Continuous Loop (Smith & Nephew. Endoscopy, Andover, Mass). This device has been well.

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The diameter of Cross-Pin is higher than Endotape, increasing the volume when the tendon loops. The use of the autograft instead of an artificial graft was preferred to mimic the clinical practice of use a graft retrieved from the patient. Femoral suspension devices for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction: The procedure was sufficiently accurate for the purposes of this study, in accordance with clinical enxobutton Kousa et al. This Technical Note presents an arthroscopic technique that successfully removes interposed soft tissue between the EndoButton and the lateral aspect of the femoral edobutton and reduces EndoButton migration from the lateral aspect of the femoral cortex of the knee.

Associated Data Supplementary Alc Video 1 After passage of the anterior cruciate ligament ACL graft through the tibial tunnel, the position of the EndoButton is confirmed by fluoroscopy after the EndoButton is felt to be flipped in a right knee.

Biomechanical properties of quadruple tendon and patellar tendon femoral fixation techniques. A lower stiffness can, therefore, increase the displacement associated with anterior translation and may result in an unstable knee. Make an LF portal by longitudinally extending the guide pin incision. Tendon-healing in a bone tunnel: The graft is suspended inside the bone tunnel by both techniques.


Over the top or endobutton for ACL reconstruction?

Methods Fourteen porcine knees of Landrace specimens with 2 years old and kg weight were purchased from a commercial slaughterhouse in the state ready for consumption. Despite a lack of similar methods, however, the results obtained at present work were similar with enddobutton from literature Ahmad et al.

Weight-bearing exercise as tolerated with crutches is also initiated immediately. There is also a risk of damage to the EndoButton loop by using the Vulcan.

Postoperative clinical examination before revision showed range of motion ack increased resistance. They determined that migration of the EndoButton was more common with endobutyon presence of soft-tissue interposition and clinical outcomes were unaffected by migration and soft-tissue interposition. Despite any difference in strength observed during the failure test, Bio Cross-Pin was stiffer than EndoButton.

Mechanical behavior of two hamstring graft constructs for reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament. Several techniques have been proposed to ensure accurate placement of the EndoButton and lessen the probability of malpositioning.

Over the top or endobutton for ACL reconstruction?

Morrison reported N as the ACL force during normal level walking. Tendon healing in a bone tunnel differs at the tunnel entrance versus the tunnel exit: The aim of this study was to evaluate the biomechanical performance of EndoButton and Bio Cross-Pin to fix the hamstring graft at femoral side of porcine knee joints and evaluate whether they are able to ack of endobuutton applied on graft during immediate post-operative tasks.

The EndoButton revealed a smaller standard deviation of ultimate failure load and yield load.

A poor fixation can lead to graft slippage and result in knee instability or failure of fixation Fu et al. This procedure, however, requires great care at postoperative period. We believe this arthroscopic reduction technique could be beneficial in the case of a migrated EndoButton during ACL reconstruction of the knee; however, studies on long-term clinical outcomes with a larger cohort will be necessary to determine its efficacy. The yield load has enndobutton advocated as the most important variable to be evaluated in the performance of fixation Kousa enrobutton al.


Although they suggested that an increased angle of knee flexion was more likely to result in soft-tissue interposition before flipping, they did not describe any complications resulting from the failure of flipping.

Statistical analysis A two-way split-plot ANOVA was used fixation technique — between factor; and displacement by cycles — within factor to test laxity during cyclic loading. Articles from Arthroscopy Techniques are provided here courtesy of Elsevier. Both are able to support the immediate post-operative loading applied N.

Femoral fixation solution for ACL reconstruction | Smith & Nephew – Corporate

zcl Previous studies have shown that ligament loads of this magnitude can be generated during quadriceps muscle contraction at full knee extension Rupp et al. Switch the shaver to a Vulcan probe to remove any interposed soft tissue beneath the EndoButton. The first significant slippage of the graft occurs at this point. Confirm the migration of the EndoButton to the lateral cortex of the knee through the LF portal.

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