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Sometimes that works to its advantage, and sometimes it does not. There is no single rulebook, despite the sense of dictatorship that so many people seem to carry around within themselves.

Dealt a lot emanudlle hedonistic philosophy and poly ethics. Because I have an affinity for French culture, I gave this a one star rating. Not the sound of laughter, but the throat that’s laughing. The society that welcomes it is rich and idle; fidelity is seen as an amusing eccentricity, chastity as a shocking defeat. Aesan a work of erotic fiction, it is a pleasant diversion.

But whether to conceive of such an expectation as abuse or respect surely remains another matter that cannot adequately be judged from such a work as this — unknown as it is to be autobiography or novel. It is not an invitation I would want to put out into the ether without adequate consideration. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. I retain the right to feel adequate and appreciative from time to time. An adventurous young woman who just loves sex.

The underlying theme of the novel is the conflict between Emmanuelle’s need for love as typified by her relationships with Jean and Bee and her innate eroticism as shown by her anonymous sexual encounters on the plane and her games with Marie-Anne. View all 20 comments. Read it on a lark but was surprised to find that it was fairly good read for a small paperback erotica.

Emmanuelle Arsan

Like, he asked a question, I forget what now, that Arsa replied in such a manner that it was technically true and technically false. To view it, click here. Long and short of all that mumbling is that she wanted to fuck him, kept waiting for him to do so, so was putting up with his bullshit.

Perhaps it is just such a realisation of the inadequacy of how I was respected by elders that makes me so sensitive to the needs of others. At the same time, it’s fascinating to read as it’s a great snapshot of the pop philosophy of the time and is so French and of the period.


We neither hear the negotiations nor the name of the native participant. The point where the plot virtually stops dead is an interminable chapter called The Law.

Emanuellle mixture of eroticism and wtf. What filters can we truly place to adjust our digestive systems for such potential bombardment? Though the novel was sometimes hinted to be a quasi-autobiography, it was later revealed that the actual author was her husband Louis-Jacques Rollet-Andriane, although it has also been claimed that both spouses may have contributed.

In this way the book is presented as if it is all about learning and growing consciousness. I recommend holding out until the final pages which are filled with passages contemplating class, sex, and life itself in a magnificent manor. Bywhen J. After a first class flight spent mostly in a stranger’s arms, and this is clearly a euphemism, Emmanuelle is warmly welcomed by the female high society she now belongs to; nobody can resist her beauty, and the generous attitude with which she shares it among her new acquaintances definitely helps.

Conversely, it is necessary to look for “non-natural” pleasures, the unusual, with an unlimited number of partners. I must have had conversations with others about it at times, when Emxnuelle look back on other emanuwlle I shared with later boyfriends, but despite that there seem to have been influences at play upon me for some reactions I gave in particular situations I was otherwise unaware of in a consequential way.

I tried several t I could easily write a cop-out, only-read-Playboy-for-the-stories type of review here. She also meets Mario, a homosexual Italian expat thanks a lot, Marayat. One of those people who picked up bullshit here and there and, to make matters horrible, loved to hear himself talk. Mario seeks to address this philosophically in Chapter V of the novel “The Law”arguing that surrendering to eroticism will liberate her.

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The first “Emmanuelle” film, made in c. At the beginning of the s, Louis-Jacques and Marayat decided to settle down in France for a much quieter life.

There are too many deprived and depraved people that I would rather not have responsibility for teaching about the most intimate experiences I arean like to be able to share with a single, or even a few, closely selected individuals of adequate self-development. I could easily write a cop-out, only-read-Playboy-for-the-stories type of review here.



Exotic settings Bangkok, the Concorde. There is a sense in which this scene is a metaphor for the usurping of personal choice in colonialism which far surpasses the so-called freedoms of the other participants throughout this volume.

The sex scenes and most of the first half of this book are just great, with that subtle prose that one gets fro Classic Smut review! We project our limitations more than our strengths, and this seems to be a growing fashion rather than a receding one.

Notice the missing ‘m’ in the title, that was so they wouldn’t be sued by the original film’s producers. When I thought that this novel couldn’t get any worse, the entire story took a dreadful, Kafkaesque turn in describing the culture of the Muria people and the means with which they educated their children in the art of love.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Then later she wanders the plane and a big strong man stops her and fucks her. After the box office success of the 70’s, the first two films with Kristel became a late nite 80’s cable mainstay and is where I first came into contact with the character.

Adding to the mystery is the identity of the writer. I understand that Bertrand Russell’s Principia Sexualis was a complete flop, and that he humiliated himself further by unsuccessfully trying to sell the movie rights.

Emmanuelle by Emmanuelle Arsan

Sometimes we just need stereotypes to be confirmed: I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the film based on the novel. I know there are more books, and more films. Emmanuellewhich has sold hundreds of thousands of copies since its initial clandestine publication in France, emmaneulle the movement of a woman from an unconscious to a profoundly conscious sexuality.

There is little character development with any of the characters, and all of the emanurlle were This book was terrible. He introduced them to the high society of transalpine libertinage.

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