This paper will examine Elfriede Jelinek’s () celebrated novel, Die Klavierspielerin(), as a narrative that deploys the close link. Elfriede Jelínek’s Die Klavierspielerin. Erika, die Heideblume. Von dieser Blume hat diese Frau den Namen. Ihrer. Mutter schwebte vorgeburtlich etwas Scheues. This essay discusses Elfriede Jelinek’s complex relation to music from both or in her most famous novel, Die Klavierspielerin (English title: The Piano Teacher.

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She packs those sentences full with minor motifs, brilliant characterization, startling imagery and sends them hurtling through the narrative. Get to Know Us. My reading of Strindberg’s I havsbandet made me come up with an idea.

But there’s a jack-knifed diw of a theme that all this traffic must encounter: Mar 28, Tim rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A pseudo-realistic narrative, Die Klavierspielerinrepeatedly exploits the close link between psychosexual identity formations and the organization of the socioeconomic interests. Jeilnek novel is starkly unforgiving in showing us the interior world of Viennese culture and the world of music professor Erika, her mother, and Erika’s student and love-object Walter Klemmer.

I don’t know what else to add to the issues already outlined This reads a bit like a shrill reboot of an old underground fable and also like overcooked Angela Carter.

She deliberately refused to take the path of tender female touching. But even this pity wilted when faced with her cruel and evil nature. Elfriede was classified as pretentious, difficult, a woman, yes, but hermetic and hyper intellectual, or so I got it from the reviews. I couldn’t connect to any of them, not even through the pity that I could feel for Erika, from time to time. She is also even less able than Walter to initiate loving, mutually reciprocal relations when it comes to love or sex.

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The above is given for the effect it had on me, it affected me in ways that no book ever has made upon me and I’ll never forget it, it’s highly unforgettable. Mother represents the refuge and solace, she is the measure of value and uniqueness. View all 28 comments. Even the ending doesn’t disappoint, which I was so sure, up until I This is one of my favorite books. Erika va per i quaranta. It seems to me that Erika’s pain and her yearning are real. October 1, Sold by: Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Lo sentivo che non era tutto artificio. So is it a wonder then, that anything as ‘filthy’ and rebellious and natural as sexual urges, builds up and up and roils around inside blindly not knowing where to go? This orifice of mine is not just mine, but someone else’s; it can’t tell me I cut myself with razors and bleed out, I consume it back, which is me, part of me, it is mine. Lo dico sempre, certe cose uhhh possono essere narrate solo dalle donne. Jul 21, Ema rated it liked it Shelves: The novel is also a socialist critique of bourgeoisie culture and the elevated status that classical music enjoys in the Viennese society that Erika grew up in.

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek

This reads a bit like a shrill reboot of an old underground fable and also like overcooked Angela Carter. Una satira feroce e violenta questa della Jelinek. There are some interpretations that would have it that Erika is just intrinsically kinky, but Erika’s behaviour can clearly be linked to her socialization process with Mother.

When Erika and Walter are in her room the first time, when they shut Cie out via the wardrobe in front klaviersipelerin the door, ” The woman has made contact with him in writing, but a simple touch would have scored a lot more points. No one said you weren’t going to participate. We know how to look, but we know we should not touch.


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Are our children ever our property? Ja, ich will doch alles richtig und gut machen! Anyway, the real issue here is that I’m a member of the plebian, plodding masses SHE lives to despise.

Her soul has been sucked dry and her mind has been poisoned by a sadistic upbringing, damaging permanently the neuronal connection that unites music and humanity. She may deserve a Nobel Prize in Literature for that.

But she never revolts completely; she resembles a caged animal, which has a limited space to manifest itself. Jelinek, Pijanistkinja 27 53 Dec 12, From a literary-technical point of view this book is phenomenal: Editorial Reviews Language Notes Text: I can understand that, but you have to admire her klavoerspielerin and passion.

I can’t take any more.

I keep reading him, and hating him, and admiring him, year after year. One suspects that the reason as to why Erika isn’t a great player, lies in the clue Erika gives about her playing: All of a sudden I realised that I have exactly the same relationship to Elfriede Jelinek, but that I am much less forgiving of her hatred, despite understanding it better than Strindberg’s privileged whining.

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A man who meticulously slices up his wife and children and then stores them in the refrigerator in order to eat them later on is no more barbaric than the newspaper that runs the item.

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