Sep 1, Sartori, Giovanni, La democrazia in trenta lezioni. Mondadori, 3. Sartori, Giovanni, Homo Videns. Editori Laterza. 4. de Gustave Flaubert, vol. 14 [ Correspondance ], Club de l’Honnéte homme, ). la politique allemande au Maroc (II). .. La Grece visible et oubliee. Bull. GIOVANNI PUGLIESE CARRATELLI. .. Danske Viden- i’homme ‘negre. al Suffrage: al suffrage, su . But, as noted in Homo Videns by Giovanni. Sartori, this is not always true, as “the videocracy2 is manufacturing a massively hetero- .. 14 [Correspondance –], Club de l’Honnéte homme, ). 9 .

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Today, the concept of democracy seems inextricably linked with that of universal suffrage. But is it true? To let that anyone with a given age has the right to vote is a very good democratic practice, or would prefer to question the criteria for access to this right, perhaps to develop new systems?


The current crisis of democracy in the Western world is symptomatic of a detriment of the political consciousness of the people?

And yet it is very likely to be admissible and that only from the mass, the large numbers, rises the better choices? In this paper I try to answer these questions, drawing from personal opinions and thoughts, which I hope will inspire questions and curiosity in those who, like me, believes that any system is always perfectible, and that its aim should be to that perfection, without fear of asking uncomfortable questions.

But not for that I give up, and I try other ways. Ways that are more satisfying, more fair and keep us sartiri from the horrors that only an angry mob can do.

Is Democracy Possible Without a Restriction of the Suffrage?

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Is Democracy Possible Without a Restriction of the Suffrage? : Studia Humana

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