MOXA EDSA-1GT2SFP is the Industrial Managed Redundant Ethernet Switch with 2x SFP Ports, 1x 10// BaseTx Ports and 7x 10/ BaseTx Ports. MOXA EDSA-1GT2SFP-T is the Industrial Managed Redundant Ethernet Switch with 2x SFP Ports, 1x 10// BaseTx Ports and 7x 10/ BaseTx. The EDSA Gigabit managed redundant Ethernet switch is equipped with up to 3 Gigabit Ethernet ports, making it ideal for building a Gigabit Turbo Ring, but.

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EDSA-1GT2SFP by MOXA for Industrial Automation | IPC2U

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EDSA-1GT2SFP-T by MOXA for Industrial Automation | IPC2U

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