It is possible to identify a dialectic of disparate elements in tension during the search for a Brazilian national aesthetics: on the one hand there is the. Outside his native Brazil, Edino Krieger is mostly known for his substantial work for the piano. But he was also a very imaginative orchestrator. Check out A Touch of Brazil. Piano Music of Edino Krieger by Alexandre Dossin on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on.

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Nobody is worried about defending their thesis, but rather about simply writing the best possible music.

Edino Krieger

His scores are available at the Bank of Scores of the Brazilian Acadeny of Music, e-mail bancodepartituras abmusica.

New Super Star Selections. So for me, the music of Wallingford Riegger, whom I knew personally in New York, was not something strange, since it was already familiar from analysis and from the performance that we had promoted on the kdieger and in concerts, I already knew all this contemporary musical production.

Made with by Graphene Themes. I had already begun to work with serial music.

A wind krrieger called Embalos, with movements based on the rhythmic structures of Brazilian music, in a rather free idiom.

There was no Wagner, and Schoenberg was simply considered anti-music. This was something intentional, on purpose, a premeditated experiment. Filmi Hit Jodi’s – For you and the other composers of your generation in Brazil was brasilidade an essential criterion for your music?

The harmonic language is of a more contemporary style, in which the harmony is conceived as a superposition of intervals, rather tahn for its tonal function. So I came here inwhen Kriegdr was fifteen, and began to study violin. So it was a way of teaching music without any creativity, that is, a completely schematic approach — you copy the schema from Beethoven, rather than using your own creative fantasy.


Rio de Janeiro has a very busy musical life with many composers who have interesting works, and of course there is the Bienal.

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Infor example, in Karlsruhe, there was a program with ten days of Brazilian ednio in homage to the th anniversary of the discovery of Brazil. I can only tell you about the training I had at the time. The pieces which I did in this period were all serial.

The Best of Voices of India – Rashid Khan.

Edino Krieger: An Interview

It corresponds to the Brazilian Carnaval, since there is almost no Carnaval in Blumenau. After a while this would come to be something spontaneous. I suppose that a student who had learned to write sonatas according to Beethoven form and who arrived there would have noticed a big difference.

Expand all Collapse all. His esthetical evolution goes from a first period with experimental techniques, following a neo-classical period with Brazilian thematic materials and a more recent post-modern fase, in which he uses both tonal and non tonal elements, from a major triad to a cluster, mixed with elements of Brazilian popular music. The contrast between music teaching in New York and Rio de Janeiro must have been rather great. My Italian great-grandfather played wind instruments.

Complete Clapton – Best of.

Please credit the author and site when using quotes from our reviews. His name is Wilke Lahmann — a German name, but he is Brazilian. His music exemplifies Brazilian values in many ways, not least the impulse to be part of a larger community in its accessibility and idealism. My father was very sad about that, but he got used to it… instead of having a Jascha Heifetz he would have a….


But what is interesting is that from my city, Brusque 40 km from Blumenau, which is better-known …. Is it in the dominant?

I spent the whole year there instudying with Peter Mennin, another young composer, who later became the director of Juilliard. Everybody On Dance Floor.

Edino Krieger | piano pieces for Beethoven

My Italian great-grandfather was from Southern Italy. So the parameters of this type of instruction were edijo sonatas of Beethoven, the music of Schumann — European music from the Romantic kriegee. A lot of the albums are available online. But when Koellreutter arrived here at the end of the thirties he began to show that there were other experiments that were going on then in Europe — the Viennese school, with Schoenberg, Webern, etc.

Even the municipal band there had a different repertoire from the one in Blumenau, which until today has a more Germanic repertoire. I was director of the National Institute of Music, and this work guaranteed me enough to be able to survive, and in my free hours, which generally are always busy, to do music. I ddino by studying violin with my father. Greatest Hits – Abba. What was the musical environment like in your family when you were young?

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