Find out everything about EAMCET important chapters Find out the EAMCET important chapters for Physics and Chemistry and score Kinematics: Average Speed = $latex \frac{Totaldistancetraveled}{Total time taken}$ If the body covers 1st half of distance with a speed x and. followed for scoring maximum marks in Physics subject in EAMCET? the assignments related to the concepts and formulas of the chapter.

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Interesting Facts About Hurricanes. Time physcis is more important in EAMCET, hence the student have to solve all question in quick by remembering shortcut methods and formulas.

In Kinematics students have to concentrate more on solving the equation of motion and its applications. Go through academy text book for theory questions, especially topics like Physical Optics, Nuclei etc.

Physics help is provided here in the form of ready to use formulas. The formula for density is: How Does a Diode Work? Even though the answer is there in the given 4 options due to above mistakes students fails fomrulas identify the correct answer, hence they have to be careful from the beginning of the exam.

Normally students have blind belief of treating physics a s toughest subject among all. physice

Try to understand what a formula says and means, and what physical relation it expounds. Such as differentiation, integration etc. The formula for angular momentum J is given by: Lab Safety Rules for Kids.

This article provides an in depth valuation on the subject of Physics. The basic principles have also physocs used in chemistry and other branches of science. The value of R in Universal gas equation should be used according with physical quantities to be derived.


Deepest Part of the Ocean. Origins of Physics and its application in various fields Physics is one of the oldest branch of science. In Simple Harmonic Motion chapter students forrmulas to read time period and its applications displacement and its qualities, hence they can understand the gravitation and ware motion applications in other chapters.

Students have to know the dimensional formulas of each physical quantity. Students have to read the brief notes of a chapter and have to solve the assignments related to the concepts and formulas of the chapter, allow them to achieve a firm grip on the subject.

Physics has a reputation for being difficult and to some extent that’s true, due to the mathematics involved.

Be thorough with topics like Thermal properties of matter, Nuclei, Thermodynamics, and Kinetic Theory of gasses which are also useful for Chemistry. How to measure the AC source frequency using sonometer and electromagnet In this project, I explain how to measure the AC mains frequency using sonometer and electromagnet in the lab.

They have to remember some constant values of these chapters. As this lesson is very easy, hence students can score lhysics easily. Uses of Radioactive Isotopes. Dimensional formulae of many physical quantities depend on Speed, Acceleration, Force, Pressure and Work.

A Comprehensive List of All the Physics Formulas

The formula for torque is: Without Physics its impossible to explain most important phenomenons in the universe. Solving the problems and examples given in the back pages of academic books are useful. But on preparation according with plan every student can score good marks and can achieve good rank in the entrance examination.

Under addition subtraction workout problems begins on river boat, rain umbrella relative velocity problems. It includes various techniques, which can simplify the solution of a mechanical problem. Properties of Sodium Chloride Common Salt.


M stands for mass, R for radius and L for length: Circular Motion The formulas for circular motion of an object of mass ‘m’ moving in a circle of radius ‘r’ at a tangential velocity ‘v’ are as follows: Torque causes rotational motion.

Try to overcome the week points in the weaker areas. Students have to concentrate more on forces acting on electric conductors in electromagnetism chapter.

Our physics formulas list is aimed at helping you out in solving problems. Here ‘u’ is initial velocity, ‘v’ is final velocity, ‘a’ is acceleration and t is time: Coefficient of static friction is defined as the ratio of applied tangential force F which can induce sliding, to the normal force between surfaces in contact with each other.

EAMCET Important Chapters: Score 90% In Physics And Chemistry!

Learn the dimensional formulae of all the physical quantities from their original formulae. Work and Energy Formulas for work and energy in case of one dimensional motion are as follows: They lose marks in physics not because of its difficultiness, but due to their psychology.

Develop the concepts of velocity, acceleration, relative velocity, etc. Go through the rules regarding the significant figures.

EAMCET Quick Review Subject Wise Special Page

Do not include your name, “with regards” etc in the comment. Try to classify the types of errors. Concentrate on difficult areas in the easiest topics you feel, to have a command on these topics.

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