Specifically designed to improve efficiency, eta/DYNAFORM reduces the tryout time and costs that are associated with the design and development of the tooling . eta / DYNAFORM is the only stamping product and die development technology software to provide total CAE solutions. DYNAFORM software provides total. eta-dyna-logo. DYNAFORM is a simulation software solution, which allows organizations to bypass soft tooling, reducing overall tryout time, lowering costs.

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You need to try new cell types or new cell algorithms, such as solid units or the thickness stretch shell unit that takes into account the normal stresses that dta material thinning.


Hardening of Steel at two temperatures. We can parameterize equivalent drawbead in the CAE model to make it into a solid shape drawbead. Unreasonable product design, timely design changes. Accounting Software in Gurgaon.

US DCX related engineering and technical personnel believe that the use of simulation technology to provide ETA can effectively analyze the surface of defective products, and advanced means of detecting defects. Springback Analysis and Springback Compensation Case: It is found that the Bauschinger effect has a significant impact on the forming and springback of ultra-high-strength steels such as DP and TRIP steels.

It can analyze complex stamping process in the industry which includes springback and springback compensation and it is known for high precision around the world. Springback and Springback Compesation.

ETA/Dynaform Sheet Metal Simulation Software

The Formability Simulation module uses LS-DYNA for accurate physics modeling, efficient calculation and in-depth simulation of the formability based on the die design. The original blank is automatically corrected during the iteration to obtain the exact product shape, ega the product shape ultimately matches the target etq line. Stamping force Can be mapped to the die structure for stress, strength, fatigue analysis, thus optimizing the structure.


Not only supports the use of volume simulation sheet metal forming, but also supports the use of volume simulation tube forming. Main Features Blank Size Engineering: This feature streamlines die design, improves product performance and reduces manufacturing time by using simulation iterations as a search engine for the best possible design solution.

BSE- Modular two pieces of material: BSE-Supports the formation of nesting, drawing layout, mixed layout Shaped layout: Accurate springback analysis provides basis for the product and mold development. Automotive Liufeng, Taiwan, is a die factory which simulates car floor parts. Tonnage, lubrication, clamping conditions.

Rapid batch analysis can be carried cynaform in batches; batch start and batch layout feature. You can manually drag and drop to dynafor, the nesting results: Baosteel provides 9 categories of material parameters for all grades of sheet metal. At the same time the results of the analysis can be used as a mold to make the process quick reference module design process mold surface as a research product formability basis to become a reality.

Timely adjustment of process technology solutions and modulus. Liufeng believes that the use of DYNAFORM technology can effectively predict defects in dyjaform and improve the quality of die development and reduce product development cycle. BSE- Stamping direction adjustment, automatic and manual, convenient, support for the single-piece, two-mode, variety of stamping process conditions. The AutoSetup interface visually guides the user through the setup process. It streamlines the challenging and time consuming process of laying out drawbeads for large and complicated parts and guides the engineer to efficiently achieve optimum configurations for drawbead forces.


I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Apart from experience, the use of tools is already the product design stage to assess the product’s main means of formability. Dta automatic forming reports 7. My Account User Name Password. According to the key point of material utilization, adjust the blank size, size of 3D inverse boundary line and provide basis for the product block evaluation and improvement of material utilization rate.

Springback Analysis of a car beam. BSE- Tailor – welded blanks.

During stamping die outsourcing, consider the module material cost, mold quotes provide a great convenience. Following figure shows the comparison of simulated and the actual results. Call Send a quick message. It provides widely recognized in the automotive stamping the SE.

The entire production line can be simulated; can also simulate part under the action of etz deformation of the robot. Springback Analysis of a car beam Industry: Reverse Three Dimensional Trimming line: Tailor Welded blank layout: It is used for aerospace sheet metal parts, dynaflrm of large scale.

The method of iteration is used to optimize the dimension of the sheet. DYNAOFRM is widely used in household appliance industry fields such as kitchen utensils, air conditioners, refrigerators, televisions etc.

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