Arming the System. Check the following items before arming the system: Bypass Light. If the “Bypass” light is ON, insure that zones are intentionally bypassed. User Manuals · Request a Service · Request a Quote · Security Tips. Call us now on DSC – PC User Manual · DSC – PC User Manual. View and Download DSC PC installation manual online. DSC PC Installation Manual. PC Security System pdf manual download.

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Should any such changes render the customer’s terminal equipment incompatible with the telephone company facilities the customer shall be given adequate notice to the effect modifications dxc maintain uninterrupted service.

Remember, the [A] key does not ring the bell and the [P] key may not be programmed for an audible signal. Use zone bypassing when access is needed to part of the protected manuap. Is z fixed messages compatible?

PC – PC Security Products | DSC

Thank you for your response. Does anyone know the battery specifications? A fire alarm will be transmitted to your monitoring station after 30 seconds if it is not silenced by pressing the [ esc Key. Press the [F] key. The signal will sound in a pulsed mode.



The error condition seems to indicate that the battery is low. The control panel will be mounted out of the way in a utility room or basement.

Logged bcc Member Posts: I read through the topics, and followed instructions to reset this For other system devices such as smoke detectors, passive infrared, ultrasonic or microwave motion detectors or glassbreak detectors, consult the respective manufacturer’s literature for testing and maintenance. Once outside, do not re-enter the house.

DSC PC1550 Alarm Installation Manual

If the detectors are clear of smoke, they will return to normal. Also, damaged wiring or contacts on a zone may be temporarily bypassed until repairs can be made so that the panel can be armed.

Could someone point me as to where I can find the installation manual for PC Use the forums search feature and you will find many threads on the topic. To do this, first inform the monitoring station that you are testing your system. For additional access codes, see Programming Additional Access Codes. Disarm the system “Ready” light should be ON 3. February 02, October 16, Logged LA Member Posts: January 04, I moved into a new house and did not get the Master Codes for the alarm system.


The system cannot be armed unless the “Ready” light is ON. Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.

Do not wash the keypad with a wet cloth. Logged Kluless Member Posts: Unsuccessful Communication Attempt with Monitoring Station Michele on February 09, An entry through any zone programmed as a delay zone will create an instant alarm.

Each zone used will have connected to it various sensors, such as door or window contacts, motion detectors, glassbreak detectors and vibration or shock sensors. Are all flammable liquids stored safely in closed containers in a well ventilated cool area? Memory light ON means an alarm has occurred. I have read the entire forum, but I did not find the link to the installation manual.

Armed light will come ON indicating system is armed. Once you have exited, the system will be armed as before.

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