Doubt has ratings and reviews. Ahmad said: Doubt: a parable, John Patrick ShanleyDoubt, A Parable is a play by John Patrick Shanley. Ori. Doubt: A Parable study guide contains a biography of John Patrick Shanley, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and. Doubt is a drama written by John Patrick Shanley. It is about a strict nun who believes that a priest has done something terribly inappropriate to.

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Doubt: A Parable (Play) Plot & Characters | StageAgent

In fact, it’s not easy The play was directed by Roman Polanski ojhn its run in Paris in late If you shy away from reading plays like I generally do, treat this one as the exception. Doubt, A Parable has piqued my interest.

How often do we interpret things through our own preconceived notions, then influence others with our beliefs? A Eoubt is an exquisite, potent drama that will raise questions and answer none, leaving the audience to grapple with the discomfort of their uncertainties.

If Doubt taught me anything, it’s never mess with a nun.

Upon publication, Shanley changed the title from Doubt to Doubt: Doubt makes you doubt every character’s motives, question the integrity of their actions, If Doubt taught me anything, it’s never mess with a shanlley. Nicholas Catholic Church, this thought-provoking story involving two nuns, a priest and the mother of a young black boy, reads like an intense investigative mystery maintaining a high level of “questionable” suspicion throughout, and the formidable presence of Sister Aloys.


A Parable Defiance Outside Mullingar This adds another layer – not of race, though Donald’s blackness adds to the tension. Featured Jobs Near You. Sister Aloysius may be a martinet with a vendetta against a priest she sees as overly accommodating, but we are willing to go along with the behavior if she is right about Father Flynn’s guilt.

Time passes, and Sister James returns to indirectly report what Sister Aloysius suspected – Father Flynn may have had inappropriate contact with Donald Muller, the school’s only black child.

And last, but not least, parick the shocking interview with Mrs. Aloysius, dissatisfied with Flynn’s story, meets with Donald’s mother, Mrs. Return to Book Page. Overall, it was an excellent play to read and, I imagine, even more of an excellent play to watch.

Doubt is still a fantastic read, and I’m certainly going to read more of Shanley’s plays, but I wish there was a shanleg more to this play. Never mind having the high school kids perform it, just have them read it and argue about it. But the larger grappling with existential doubt is what makes this play more mature and unsettling than the average Afterschool Special.


Look down on that feeling. It is interesting that this play takes place just before the Sexual Revolution. It rolls payrick with the momentum of conflict growing all the time stakes being raised and plenty of gasp-inducing moments for the audience.

But I am inclined to believe the best in people, so I never saw much reason to doubt. The story is,for me, tragic.

Doubt: A Parable

Sometimes doing the right thing is not as important to us as appearing to do the right thing. Jan 23, Bill Kerwin rated it really liked it. It’s a powerfully disturbing story that is so gripping you can’t put it down.

She instead reminds him that she hasn’t accused him of anything, but merely asked him what happened. There is something in us that does not like Sister Aloysius, but this feeling diminishes the longer she parabls. Views Read Edit View history.

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