USCCB Pro-Life Activities. Belehrende Handlungsaufforderung. Grundsätzlich handelt es sich bei der Instruktion um die handlungsbezogene Kommunikation. D. Donum vitae (Instruktion) · Donum vitae (Verein). E. Eidgenössische Volksinitiative «für Straflosigkeit der Schwangerschaftsunterbrechung» · EMILY’s List. Presentazione: Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede, “Donum vitae”: “ Glaube—eine Antwort auf die Urfrage des Menschen: Die Instruktion über die.

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For some, recourse to homologous IVF and ET appears to be the only way of fulfilling their sincere desire for a child.

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By virtue of its substantial union with a spiritual soul, the human body cannot be considered as a mere complex of tissues, organs and functions, nor can it be evaluated in the same way as the body of animals; rather it is a constitutive part of the person who manifests and expresses himself through it. Such an intervention would indeed fall within the logic of the Christian moral tradition” The human person must be accepted in his parents’ act of union and love; the generation of a child must therefore be the fruit of that mutual giving 45 which is realized in the conjugal act wherein the spouses cooperate as servants and not as masters in the work of the Creator who is Love.

The question is asked whether the totality of conjugal life in such situations is not sufficient to ensure the dignity proper to human procreation. Civil law cannot grant approval to techniques of artificial procreation which, for the benefit of third parties doctors, biologists, economic or governmental powerstake away what is a right inherent in the relationship between spouses; and therefore civil law cannot legalize the donation of gametes between persons who are not legitimately united in marriage.

Joseph Ratzinger e da alcuni articoli:.

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The political authority is bound to guarantee to the institution of the family, upon which society instruktioj based, the juridical protection to which it has a right. Furthermore, it offends the common vocation of the spouses who are called to fatherhood and motherhood: The teaching of the Magisterium on this point has already been stated.

Un sussidio utile a tutti coloro che si occupano di questi problemi per comprendere le persone e bitae progettare una pastorale adeguata. Oeconomicae et pecuniariae quaestiones.


It is to be hoped that States will not become responsible for aggravating these socially damaging situations of injustice. In this case the medical act is not, as it should be, at the service of conjugal union but rather appropriates to itself the procreative function and thus contradicts the dignity and the inalienable rights of the spouses and of the child to be born.

The informed consent ordinarily required for clinical experimentation on adults cannot be granted by the parents, who may not freely dispose of the physical viitae or life of the unborn child.

Methods of observation or experimentation which damage or impose grave and disproportionate risks upon embryos obtained in vitro are morally illicit for the same reasons. In the light of the truth about the gift of human life and in the light of the moral principles which flow from that truth, everyone is invited to act in the area of responsibility proper to each and, like the dounm Samaritan, to recognize as a neighbour even the littlest among the children of men Cf.

Responsa ad quaestiones de aliquibus sententiis ad doctrinam de Ecclesia pertinentibus. Thus, fertilization is licitly sought when it is the result of a “conjugal act which is per se suitable for the generation of children to which marriage instguktion ordered by its nature and by which the spouses become one flesh”.


The suffering of spouses who cannot have children or who are afraid of bringing a handicapped child into the world is a suffering that everyone must understand and properly evaluate. AAS 45 Con questo volume la Congregazione per la Dottrina della Fede ha inteso ribadire le ragioni dottrinali e pastorali per la preferenza della sepoltura dei defunti e ha emanato norme per quanto riguarda la conservazione delle ceneri in caso di cremazione.

No, for the same reasons which lead one to reject heterologous artificial fertilization: By defending man against the excesses of his own power, the Church of God reminds him of the reasons for his true nobility; only in this way can the possibility of living and loving with that dignity and liberty which derive from respect for the truth be ensured for the men and women of tomorrow.


Careful reflection on this teaching of the Magisterium and on the evidence of reason, as mentioned above, enables us to respond to the numerous moral problems posed by instrukgion interventions upon the human being in the first phases of his life and upon the processes of his conception. Scientists therefore are to be encouraged to continue their research with the aim of preventing the causes of sterility and of being able to remedy them so that sterile couples will be able to procreate in full respect for their own personal dignity and that of the child to be born.

Human embryos obtained in instruktikn are human beings and subjects with rights: Comentarios y estudiosintrod.: It is only logical therefore to address an urgent appeal to Catholic doctors and scientists that they bear exemplary witness to the respect due to the human embryo and to the dignity of procreation.

Furthermore, the moral requirements must be safeguarded that there be no complicity in deliberate abortion and that the risk of scandal be avoided. Requests for clarification and guidance are coming not only from the faithful but also from those who recognize the Church as “an expert in vonum ” 2 with a mission viate serve the “civilization of love” 3 and of life.

In tal modo questo Dicastero pensa di venir incontro al suo duplice compito di promozione e tutela della dottrina cattolica, specialmente sui punti fondamentali e controversi. Such deliberate destruction of human beings or their utilization for different purposes to the detriment of their integrity and life is contrary to the doctrine on procured abortion already recalled. Usually not all are transferred into the genital tracts of the woman; instuktion embryos, generally called “spare “, are destroyed or frozen.

It is in their bodies and through their bodies that the spouses consummate their marriage and are able to become father and mother. Epistula ad venerabiles praesules conferentiarum episcopalium.

Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei Ecclesia Catholica.

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