Doka Xtra. Dokaflex Load-bearing towers. – DOKA FORMWORK SYSTEMS. 2. The unbeatably fast table- form with the perfect fit. The manual system with. User information Dokaflex 5. – 07/ Ü. The Formwork Experts. Erecting the formwork. ○ Doka products and systems must be set up in. Download the catalogue and request prices of Dokaflex By doka italia.

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This helps us to guarantee the best possible performance of our website, especially. Use a suitable lifting chain heaviest ones at the bottom and the lightest e. Please refer to our extensive privacy statement for more information. Guide dokatlex by hand while lowering it into the outer tube.

Universal LifeRail System by Safemaster. You can import the automatically generated piece-lists into many other programs for further processing.

Hako’s Chemical on Demand system. In addition, Class B slippage – up to 4.

Dokaflex – Doka

Only the dead weight of the formwork and fresh concrete has been allowed for in calculating the deflection. Measure up the positions of the secondary beams.

The quantities are computed very simply, using the slide-rule, with no need for formwork planning. Failure to observe this may lead to material damage, and to injury to health 1-24- may Maintenance range up to the severe or even life-threaten- ing. Quantities commissioned are reduced because approx. This leads to a dramatic drop in the failure the stability of any part of the structure, or of any load, representing a dlkaflex great risk to safety.


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Any type of form- facing can be used, enabling all architectural wishes regarding the concrete surface to be met. Formwork drawings really can be as clear and detailed as this!

Hand-Set System | Dokaflex 1-2-4

Configuration 20 25 30 4 nails 3. MUST follow the instructions in ‘Reshoring props, concrete technology and stripping out’.

Multi-trip transport box partition 0. Triangular marks on the beams serve as a built-in ‘measuring tape’. Easy to use, fast and accurate results The easy-to-use interface makes for very fast working. Steps must be taken to rule out the use of erected and dismantled, reset and generally used for any components that are damaged, deformed, or its intended purpose in accordance with the applica- weakened due to wear, corrosion or rot.

You can get to work right away with the piece-lists, plans, views, sections and perspective drawings that the program gives you. The temporary reshoring stays in place until the concrete has attained sufficient load-bearing strength. Failure to do so can cause acci- dents and severe even life-threatening damage to Closing the formwork health, as well as very great material damage. When Doka accessory boxes are stacked, the bottom box must NOT be one with a bolt- on castor set mounted to it.


Functional We can analyse the use of our website using these cookies. CAN bus analysis with handheld device. Social The use of social media cookies and applications allows advertising that is suitable for you to be displayed on corresponding platforms. Doka Formwork Australia 18 items. Floor influence zone on either side of the drop-beam max. If the project requires early stripping, the Dokaflex timber-beam formwork system can be equipped with the Doka Xtra head.

Leave the correct amount of lowering play a! It must be possible to safety precautions that are necessary in order to use get to and from these workplaces via safe access the Doka products safely in the usage situations routes! The bonding strength between the reinforcement steel l and the concrete develops more rapidly in the new con- A A crete than does its compressive strength. Save to existing comparison list Select. Rating plate must be in place and clearly leg- capacity.

Spacing of primary beams Slab Spacing of Position of Beam thickness d secondary beams forming support 20 cm The load-bearing capacity will then Concrete-strength development — medium correspond to that of the finished structure.

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