My new teacher just gave me the first page of “Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises”. Boy, are they challenging. Of course, I like a challenge. Documents Similar To Dohnanyi Erno Book Essential Finger Exercises. Alfred Cortot – Rational Principles Of Pianoforte Uploaded by. Daniela. Ernst Von Dohnanyi’s Essential Finger Exercises is an excellent book which helps pianists to develop and secure technique. (Z) en-GB.

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If so, do you find them difficult? As a student, I feel I must put my trust in my teacher. We are training the brain as we train our fingers, increasing our fine motor skills, enabling the necessary coordination between the mind and the fingers that translate the notes on the page into the desired sound. Finger exercises are baloney. Are the other pages any easier? He told me to kind of stroke the key pulling towards me as I press.

A few months ago, while excavating long-unseen boxes in the garage of doomI found a book of piano exercises I forgot I even had. Essential to whom and for what? But after several years of regular practice, I began to feel competent. Notify me of new comments via email.


Dohnanyi | Essential Finger Exercises (Piano)

Up until a few years ago, I would have been at a loss, too, about the grapevine. Hanon are your knee pushups. I have vague memories of trying the first few exercises and being totally incapable of playing them. Everything else—even Czerny, is superfluous; it does not contain anything of essential importance which might not be acquired through finger-exercises, or by conscientious practicing of appropriate passages of pieces.

He piao gave me the first page.

Essential Finger Exercises (Dohnányi, Ernő)

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: I’m not a doctor, but I have been very athletic, learned typing on mechanic typewriters, and always kept ergonomic form, as taught for each situation and practice. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I cried inside as the joy and gift of music can last a lifetime, amd should.

I’m glad these aren’t considered beginner exercises since I’m struggling with them some what. Third and fourth fingers are very weak, and this will really help strengthen them. exerckses

Prodigies and eidetic memory aside, the piano offer a vast repertoire for everyone. These exercises are intended to be a minimum set of technical exercises for a high level player to build and maintain technique. That said, with supervisionit may be just the right medicine.


It seemed an example would give folks an idea of what the book was like before buying it, but your right to be concerned. Imagine the first Bach you ever played X Try a sxercises with 3rd and 4th fingers. Anyway, they tend to address specific weaknesses, so many are difficult. Originally Posted by Mark Davidson.

One thing I will say. Don’t laugh, but on the 1st page when I first started them I would hold down fingers with the other hand Just on left hand LOL I’m glad I’m not the only one dohnabyi some difficulty with these. I realized after a few days I’d simply reinforced errors, forcing a piece I’d known for 10 cohnanyi to be learned as though from scratch.

My teacher feels these will help my sense of touch also. I have found such individual differences in hands Otherwise I wouldn’t be struggling with them so much.

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