Dogsbody [Diana Wynne Jones] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Found guilty of murder, the Dog Star, Sirus, is sentenced by his peers to. Dogsbody. Diana Wynne Jones, Author Random House Books for Young Readers $ (p) ISBN Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones. Dogsbody book cover. logo logo. Rating / Starwuffs, episode 1, the labrador bites back.

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At the same time, I didn’t love it, and I don’t necessarily crave more of it, but that joes mean I wouldn’t recommend it Although he is the pet of a girl who loves him, both child and dog are mistreated dogsbocy the family with whom they live. Diana Wynne Jones was the multiple award-winning author of many fantasy novels for children, teenagers, and adults.

Robin gets a puppy, and Kathleen asks to be able to understand her dog, which does not work as Sirius is not technically a dog.

Its denizen must be a stammerer! Dec 07, Kusaimamekirai rated it really liked it Shelves: But that also left me disappointed: I love animal characters. For one reason or another I avoided Diana Wynne Jones as a child. Her first book was a novel for adults published by Macmillan inentitled Changeover. Anyway – what follows is a story that feels real enough to hurt. Not only the differences between awesome luminaries and dogs, but also themes of how we treat animals, being an outsider and even a dogsbidy on nationalism, as well as some great development of its characters.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I will look forward to hearing your thoughts. I wish I could have the version of book I read as a kid though.

So, this year I decided to read my first Diana Wynne Jones book. Insightful, heart-breaking a Yet again Diana Wynne Jones has the power to make me cry. Notify me of new posts via email. Jones started writing during the mids “mostly to keep my sanity”, when the youngest of her three children was about two years old and the family lived in a house owned by an Oxford college.


Like I said, I do not handle animal abuse very well. There’s a lot going on here – mostly fantasy, a dabble of sci-fi, a dollop joes British-Irish historical tension and ugliness, families, los Plucked out of the way-back machine based upon the compelling recommendation of none other than Neil Gaiman, in his collected non-fiction View From the Cheap Wynjewhich, of course, was originally the introduction to modern version of Dogsbody that I readthis short, quick, but more importantly interesting and different period piece was a fortuitous find.

She was friends with both McKinley and Gaiman, and Jones and Gaiman are fans of each other’s work; she dedicated her novel Hexwood to him after something he said in conversation inspired a key part of the plot. But then it fell flat again as I found Kathleen’s reactions weak and unrelatable, not to mention that it just didn’t feel like much was resolved. This article about a young adult novel of the s is a stub.

Of course he had talked to Earth. In that sense, it’s unsatisfying, because there aren’t that many answers. I can still resent them though! I will leave you with some of my favourite passages from the book. Thanks to Carol for piquing my interest.

And just because these are new days, they tell you none of it is true. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. Kathleen is another displaced child in the DWJ pattern — her father is in jail, her mother fled in fear, so wynnd is stuck with her cousins, uncle, and particularly nasty aunt Duffie.

He loves his mistress Kathleen.

Dogsbody by Diana Wynne Jones

It just occurred to me that kids today might not know what a telephone cord is either. Kathy’s Aunt Duffie and cousin treat her like dirt and she is constantly picked on by neighborhood kids And yet ultimately a hopeful one. I think it could’ve been better, jonws by making the object an actual meteor as opposed to some made up object with mysterious powers.


Dogsbody is a children’s novel by Diana Wynne Jones. I have to say that there were parts in the first half of the novel that I found somewhat slow, but once it dotsbody up momentum it was thoroughly action-packed and impossible to put down.

Kathleen keeps him as a pet despite stiff opposition at home. Sirius will not hear of it. Animals’ personalities were portrayed equally well, as was Sirius’s constant inner battle to get vogsbody his dog nature to remember where he came from–or vice versa, when his dog nature saves his life.

The late ’80s were a different time — J. Of course, I can’t judge the librarians too harshly.

Does this make any sense, or am I idealizing youthful reading again? The humans around him tend to be broadly drawn, which actually works out fine in this tale: Life and Literature Mrs.

Dogsbody (novel) – Wikipedia

It is the first book I ever loved at the age of nine, but there is so much you can get out of this book, whether you’re under the age of ten, or over the age of thirty. Duffy we learn is a potter, and of course Wynne Jones mines every ounce of tension from the threat of pots being smashed, though the fact that for Cathleen, Sirius and the cats this is literally a threat of violence or death does rob the possibility of pot smashing of its slapstick absurdity.

I read somewhere that this was a must-read for dog lovers but I wasn’t actually impressed with the dog character. One of the most beautiful fantasy tales that I have ever read.

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