Common KnowledgeSeriesVamp Chronicles Diary of a Vampeen by Christin Lovell, 1. Vamp Yourself for War (Vamp Chronicles, #2) by Christin Lovell, 2. Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles #1) by Christin Lovell. Title; Diary of a On to book two; Vamp Yourself For War! Posted by Claire G at. Buy Vamp Yourself for War by Christin Lovell (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices Such a wonderful follow up from ‘Diary of a Vampeen’.

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I did not expect the twists and turns to pan out the way you did them. I LOVE your books!

It was a new take on an old idea and it had the potential to be very engaging. I am so mad I really wanted to read that book and get away from my family.

I have a forr full of books that I could read over and over again.

I felt that Christin Lovell was able to get a different feel for vampires while still stay This was a good read with an excellent cover. I read all 3 in 3 days. I think Lexi is great with both guys. Quotes from Diary of a Vampeen. As an aside, later on toward the end of the book, Lexi thinks that perhaps other Jasons a hunk of a guy who was mean to Lexi in the beginning would think twice before picking on the porkers.

I hope that helps! The book did redeem itself and I can tell everyone that I was very happy with the way it ended.


Vamp Yourself for War

I will forever read your books!!! I would say to give it a day or two. I have really big question and I hope you answer it soon If you had to choose what is the lowest age that you would let to read your books? I feel like you work so hard on the plot, and you definitly succeed. Mel and Lexi are exactilly like us, there gourself are the exact same and there description other than the face they are 3 years older are vampeeen lot like ours.

I would love to see the books made into movies! And might i say if Kellan dies and if him and Lexi dont end up together i wont be very happy! If you want to force a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor. There qar be more sneak peeks coming in the next couple weeks. Fingers crossed that they will put it up quickly!

As for recommendations, it depends on the genre you like to read. By the end of the series, everything will be tied together, including the epilogue of this book. I usually just type in the US price and have the distributor automatically calculate the equivalent in Euros to charge. I cant believe u even asked a question like that!? There’s so much here that needs a lot of improvement. Are your books in book stores? Love your books, cant wait to read what will happen next!!! I just went on my kindle app and vamp urself for war has updated to the new cover but diary of a vampeen nd hit the road jack are still the old ones… So does that mean in order for me to have them all the same cover ill have to delete them and purchase them again?


She does indeed have blue eyes on my character chart. I do hope there’s more Kai and Kalel in the next book! Twilight fits to move over!

So wait, book four was supposed to come out yesterday right? Thank you for the great books. At school she avoids having a locker. I had to read that page twice just to make sure. It was funny, fr intense. I am so happy to hear that you are planning on having seven books in the series.

Your characters are really great. And i am not a big book person and and i have read the tree books in like 1 week.

Diary of a Vampeen (Vamp Chronicles, #1) by Christin Lovell

Dec 08, Sha rated it really liked it. I just want to say the books are amazing and I love them so much. There were a lot of inappropriate flowery words, unrealistic dialogue, and predictable scenes.

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