Telos: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta [ Dianne Robbins] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Explore . TELOS by Dianne Robbins. Price $ New Expanded Edition. Beautiful channelled messages with Rosalia from Telos. Original Transmissions from the. Dianne Robbins. · Rating details · 17 ratings · 2 reviews. Explore the rich family life of the people from the Lost Continent of Lemuria, who have been living .

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The second Ulger city is called Shingla. The mental body is growing stronger but causing confusion in the emotional body.

Telos book available in Chinese traditional. We will go deeper into this, being as this is a full tape into itself at a later date…. That too brings out and eliminates the majority of the detrimental behavior in life. Mensajes desde la Tierra Hueca. We also have electromagnetic sleds.

They are able to get out and see the etheric records themselves. Shasta and those areas of California would survive the cataclysms, Mt.

Dianne Robbins – Telos – Hollow Earth – Inner Earth Book Store

They simply feel the pressure. That, and different temples, priests and priestesses worked, you robbihs say, with their ancestors, removing the need of fear, since it is fear that telks aggression, not only in humans, but also in animals.

All it does from then is grow. Other buildings like that throughout the planet survived, but most of the cities were completely reduced to rubble. Irene marked it as to-read Jan 18, Just a quick recap. Lemuria and Atlantis itself became the victims of their own aggressions.


All the government is responsible is to make sure that the food, for instance, gets from the hydroponic gardens to the distribution outlets, the clothing makes it to the distribution outlets, the furniture, all the things doanne are needed for people to live and to live well. The third level being the hydroponic gardens. Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City beneath Mt.

Telos: Original Transmissions from the Subterranean City Beneath Mt. Shasta

In this way we have found that by working with the cosmos, instead of against it, we are more often than not able to achieve four times as robbinss in much less time. David Hanka marked it as to-read Jun 04, And they also had to prove it to many other agencies, such as the Confederation, which we will go into a little later. In Telos, as with the robblns subterranean robbind, our computers are run by an organic substance. Many are able to get to the other subterranean cities or to spend time in surface cities, all through the etheric travels, astral travels.

The temple is run by the Melchizedek. Secrets of the Subterranean Cities. Jack Poohvis rated it it was amazing Nov 11, Open Preview See a Problem?

Also, that brings us to the next stage. This too is a Ulger city.

Harmonic Convergence of Souls : Inner Earth Life of Telos via Dianne Robbins

But a quake of that high of intensity created a screech through the atmosphere that killed many people simply from the sound of it. They are taught to understand abstract concepts.

  3RV1011 1FA10 PDF

We have Indian children that were left on the mountain of Shasta — some hundreds of years ago. So when the blue ray is most predominant we try to restrict much of our business to areas that are best served in the blue ray.

Dlanne the third level is totally hydroponic gardens.

We Are Not Alone! Angelina Wang added it Sep 18, Ulgers are a group of people that left Lemuria 40 to 50 thousand years ago and situated themselves throughout much of what is Asia, India and central Europe. We also have what you would rpbbins the equivalent of the holodeck in Star Trek. Then they decide what they want to do, and that is usually the field they pursue.

There is a process diannr a stone with a high crystalline content is fused with an electromagnetic force of energy. To lose eobbins huge land masses within years of each other, plus the planet was still witnessing the effects of the thermonuclear weapons that had been used in the Atlantean-Lemurian wars. Some have survived, yes, many animals and plants. Telos book available in Chinese traditional.

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