DENTOGINGIVAL UNITBy- Dr Rohit Rai Content • Junctional epithelium • Gingival fiber • Clinical importance of dentogingival unit. Shift of the dento gingival junction The dentogingival junction is an anatomical and functional interface between the gingiva and the tooth. PDF | This study define altered passive eruption (APE) and evaluate the morphology of the dentogingival unit. individuals subjected to.

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7. Esthetic Management of the Dentogingival Unit | Pocket Dentistry

Therefore, the space between the bone crest and cementoenamel junction may already be determined from this pre-eruptive stage. However, even if this unot hypothesis of APE were accepted, the literature fails to clarify the circumstances causing arrested tooth eruption and conditioning Dentoginival morphology. Indian J Dent Res ; In order to evaluate observer error, 40 radiographs were randomly selected from the original sample, and double measurements were made over these radiographs on separate days total: The degree of incisal attrition was found to be low especially in the teeth with APE: Biologic width dimensions – a systematic review.

Statistical analysis confirms the presence of two morphological patterns of APE, respectively characterized by a longer and shorter distance from cementoenamel junction to bone crest. Gingival phenotypes in young male adults.

This variation in habitual morphology involving a more coronal periodontium has been referred to as altered passive eruption APE or delayed passive eruption 6.

The APE was diagnosed when these criteria were met in the context of a patient with a clinically apparent short fentogingival crown Fig. Upper lip height was measured as the edntogingival from the base of the nose to the lower margin of the lip, with an evaluation of the amount of gingival tissue exposed over the four upper incisors on smiling.

The ‘Biologic width’ a concept in periodntics and restorative dentistry. Pak Oral Dent J ; According to our results, the dimensions of the DGU elements associated to tooth 21 with APE are a thick bone crest and connective tissue attachment, a long biological space, and a short distance from cementoenamel junction to bone crest.


J Dent Res ; Gingival width in right maxillary central incisor Click here to view. The mucogingival line was located by means of the Coppes technique pushes of the mucosawhile the gingival width was determined using a graded periodontal probe, measuring from the mucogingival line to the gingival margin in the medial zone and expressing the results in millimeters. Biologic width measured with vernier caliper Click here to view. The dentogingival unit The dentogingival unit is composed of two parts: Value of mean biological width according to various studies Click here to view.

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Altered passive eruption APE: The role of the roentgenogram in the diagnosis and prognosis of periodontal disease.

A new exploration technique parallel profile radiograph. No significant differences were observed between the presence of tooth 21 with APE and the clinical variables age and sex, Angle molar and canine occlusion class, lip-nose distance and probe depth.

Differential diagnosis and treatment of excess gingival display. Although these two morphological types are seen in clinical practice, it is difficult to establish whether they are effectively attributable to the two proposed mechanisms. Galgali SR, Gontiya G.

Changing concepts of the supporting dental structures.

This vertical motion causes the gums to displace along with the crown. These authors defined APE type 2 in terms of a bone crest-cementoenamel junction distance of under 1.

Periodontal surgery to position canine teeth in vestibular dystrophy. The development of the periodontium-a largely ectomesenchymally derived unit. Finally, occlusal attrition of the teeth was determined applying the index of Smith and Knight 9 with modification for this study: These results suggest that the drntogingival of DGU are highly variable in humans. From the statistical point of view, our series of patients presents these two morphological patterns of APE.

Fig Clinical view of a passive eruption that is held by many as the result of successive chronic or acute inflammatory processes. Pathogenesis of Periodontal Disease and its Treatment.

drntogingival This was in turn followed by an analysis of the correlation between the clinical diagnosis of APE in application to tooth 21 and the dengogingival discrepancy and overlap. Assessment of sulcus depth Click here to view. Although the clinical relevance of determining the dimensions of DGU is obvious, there is no description in the literature of any simple, standardized, and noninvasive technique for the measurement of DGU in humans.


The location of the bottom of the gingival attachment at the cementoenamel junction CEJ is considered by many a transitional stage. Indian J Dent Res ; A index for measuring the wear of teeth. The selection focused on ensuring the maximum inclusion of subjects with upper anterior teeth presenting clinical evidence of APE. Reproducibility of pocket depth and attachment level measurements using a flexible stent.

A more precise classification, based on histologic dentogiingival of clinical situations in the adult exhibiting deviations from this normality, has been proposed.

Diagnosis and classification of delayed passive eruption of the dentogingival junction in the adult. Routine-Sulcusdieptemetiingen in de Parodontologie Thesis. Invasion of this unnit triggers inflammation and causes periodontal destruction. Healthy gingival tissue surrounding dental elements or dental restoration is part dentoggingival structural beauty, and a protocol of treatment to maintain this state will be proposed in chapter The alveolar crest is situated at the level of the cementoenamel junction and the mucogingival junction apical to the alveolar crest.

Galgali SR, Gontiya G.

7. Esthetic Management of the Dentogingival Unit

No significant correlation was recorded between teeth 21 with and without APE in: PPRx was a highly reproducible exploratory technique. Accordingly, a disproportionate dimension of these tissues with respect to tooth size or eruption capacity would complicate both passage of the tooth during the active eruption phase dentoglngival tissue withdrawal during the passive phase of eruption.

In modern dentistry appropriate management of these factors with respect to the environment has been widely described.

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