APOSTOLICAM ACTUOSITATEM populi Dei impensiorem reddere volens, Sacrosancta Hoc in decreto Concilium apostolatus laicorum naturam, indolem et. Translations in context of “ii decreto apostolicam actuositatem” in Portuguese- English from Reverso Context. Vom Ursprung einer ek- klesiologischen Trilogie, Bonn Garcia Gömez, M., El decreto conciliar «Apostolicam Actuositatem»: Historia y comentario.

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Apostolatus consociatus ergo exigentiae christifidelium tam humanae quam christianae feliciter respondet simulque signum prae se fert communionis et unitatis Ecclesiae in Christo qui dixit: AAS 32p. Concretely, the doctrine of the Council has introduced several new features in the appstolicam of the laity hardly hinted at in their experience previous to the Council; and the history of the reception of these innovations in the post-conciliar period shows how some elements penetrated deep into the fabric of the Church, yet others remained inoperative or decreeto forgotten.

Multae sunt apostolatus formae quibus laici Ecclesiam aedificant atque mundum sanctificant et in Christo animant. AAS 51pp. Missio Ecclesiae salutem hominum spectat, fide in Christum et gratia eius consequendam.

ASS 37 decrto, pp. Congar takes the credit for having brought the theology of the laity to a very important stage: The most holy council, then, earnestly entreats all the laity in the Lord to answer gladly, nobly, and promptly the more urgent invitation of Christ in this hour and the impulse of the Holy Spirit.

I wouldn’t have the job I do if it weren’t for Apostolicam Actuositatem. Their members meet in small groups with their associates or friends, examine appstolicam methods and results of their apostolic activity, and compare their daily way of life with the Gospel.

At all times and places but particularly in areas where the first seeds of the Gospel are being sown, or where the Church is just beginning, or is involved in some serious difficulty, Christian families can give effective testimony to Christ before the world by remaining faithful to catuositatem Gospel and by providing a model of Christian marriage through their whole way of life.

Omnes consociationes apostolatus recte decfeto sunt; eae vero quas Hierarchia secundum temporum necnon locorum necessitates laudaverit vel commendaverit vel ut urgentiores instituendas decreverit, a sacerdotibus, religiosis et a laicis plurimi faciendae atque secundum modum uniuscuiusque promovendae sunt. Uota added it Nov 16, Princeps Pastorum10 dec. Innumerae patent laicis occasiones ad apostolatum evangelizationis et sanctificationis exercendum.


The group apostolate of Christian believers then happily corresponds to a human and Christian need and at the same time signifies the communion and unity of the Church in Christ, who said, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am Decfeto in the midst of them” Matt.

Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity

At the present time, with the development of more rapid facilities for communication, with the barrier of distance separating men greatly reduced, with the inhabitants of the entire globe becoming xpostolicam great family, these charitable activities and works have become more urgent and universal. A special secretariat, moreover, should be established at the Holy See for the service and promotion of the lay apostolate.

Apostolatus ergo Ecclesiae, omniumque membrorum eius, imprimis dirigitur ad nuntium Christi verbis et factis mundo patefaciendum gratiamque eius communicandam. In the manner of the men and women who helped Paul in spreading the Gospel cf. They prudently help them in the choice of their vocation and carefully promote any sacred vocation which they may discern in them.

Meminerint omnes qui in alienis nationibus laborant vel eis auxilium praestant, relationes inter populos verum commercium fraternum esse debere, in quo utraque pars dat simul et accipit. In this area the laity can exercise the apostolate of like toward like. In the pilgrimage of this life, hidden with Christ in God and free from enslavement to wealth, they aspire to those riches which remain forever and generously dedicate themselves wholly to the advancement of the kingdom of God and to the reform and improvement of the temporal order in a Christian spirit.

Nostris quoque diebus, non pauci, disciplinarum naturalium et technicarum artium progressibus plus aequo decretl, in rerum temporalium veluti idololatriam declinant, potius earum servi effecti aapostolicam domini. Laici suam actionem apostolicam exercere possunt vel ut singuli vel in variis communitatibus aut associationibus atcuositatem.

Apostolicam Actuositatem: Decree On The Apostolate Of The Laity by Second Vatican Council

However, it does not seem that it is for these chapters that the Decree can be considered to have offered something new with respect to the previous situation of the lay apostolate.

About Second Vatican Decrefo. Apostolatus hic omnes edcreto debet quotquot ibi inveniuntur, neque ullum excludere bonum spirituale vel temporale quod eis faciendi copia est. Maximum mandatum in lege est diligere Deum ex toto corde et proximum suum sicut seipsum cf. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link.


Sunday Mass open to all: Sertum laetitiae1 nov. Magna necessitate hic apostolatus singulorum urget in illis regionibus in quibus graviter impeditur libertas Ecclesiae. IIDecreto Apostolicam Actuositatem18 e 19.

They should develop an ever-increasing appreciation of their own diocese, of which the parish is a kind of cell, ever ready at their pastor’s invitation to participate in diocesan projects.

The laymen are allowed to marry, to cultivate the land, to judge between one man and another, to try legal cases, to give offerings for the cult, to pay tithes, and thus they could be spared, if by doing good they avoid vices.

On the one hand, we can say that the life and ecclesial role of the laity preceded theology, and that the theology of the Council encouraged and developed these later on.

Verae enim apostolicae mentis laici, ad modum illorum virorum et mulierum qui Paulum in Evangelio adiuvabant cf.

There are many aids for lay persons devoted to the apostolate, namely, study sessions, avtuositatem, periods of recollection, spiritual exercises, frequent meetings, conferences, books, and periodicals directed toward the acquisition of a deeper knowledge of sacred Scripture and Catholic doctrine, the nourishment.

Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity agent a Actuositatem. Creationis duarum novarum paroeciarum, I iunii Other changes which followed the council included the widespread use of vernacular languages in the Mass instead of Latin, the subtle disuse of ornate clerical regalia, the revision of Eucharistic prayers, the abbreviation of the liturgical calendar, the ability to celebrate the Mass versus populum with the officiant facing the congregationas well as ad orientem facing the “East” and the Crucifixand modern aesthetic changes encompassing contemporary Catholic liturgical music and artwork, many of which remain divisive among the Catholic faithful.

Colant iugiter sensum dioecesis, cuius paroecia velut cellula est, prompti semper, ad invitationem Drcreto sui, suas quoque vires inceptis dioecesanis adicere. The very testimony of their Christian life and good works done in a supernatural spirit have the power to draw men to actiositatem and to God; for the Lord says, decerto so let your light shine before men in order that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven” Matt.

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