Deathwish is the fourth book in the Cal Leandros series by Rob Thurman. Deathwish is preceded by Madhouse and followed by Roadkill In a nightmarish new. In a nightmarish new york city, life is there for the taking in the fourth Cal Leandros novel from New York Times bestselling author Rob Thurman. Half- human. Starting immediately after Madhouse, Deathwish opens with Cal fleeing from his homicidal relatives from hell, the Auphe. For readers.

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Overall, I was pleased, but it wasn’t the best in the series for me. View on the Mobile Site. I tore through the first three but needed a break then lost this in my huge TBR pile.

Deathwish by Rob Thurman : Book Review

Cal has finally grown up some, and Niko gets it, and that in itself drains a lot of the criticism I had of the previous book. It’s crazy dark in places, and although I actually thought deathwissh was less angsting and more ass-kicking than in previous books, the angsting is still there and not unwarranted.

To view it, click here. Views Read Edit View history. I hope the author sticks with it, that she continues writing the book from both the brothers’ POV, it’s much more interesting, especially in situations where Cal turns Auphe raving mad. This could easily have been two books. I like Delilah better anyway.

A lot of authors ruin characters by changing to their point of view — Nik’s read like Thurman wrote the chapter from Cal’s point of view first, yhurman then rewrote it for Nik without changing anything but the thoughts and perspective of the character. But the Leandros brothers have to do more than they planned when Seamus turns up dead or un-undead.

Sure she sees the future, but if she is adamant NOT to do anything about it, what’s the function of having her. Yes, we are aware that you do not approve of Cal’s eating habits, Tob. What I love most, though, is people loving each other so much and backing friends so much that they would do anything for them deathwjsh it isn’t about romance or sex. Just let her go.

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Deathwish | Rob Thurman Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

She annoys me very, very much and I honestly don’t understand what Cal sees in her. I really enjoyed this series though the books themselves could have used a little more editing. Villains are always nasty and where the dark stuff seeps in. The action like in all of these books is solid and fun and contain enough blood and gore to keep me wanting more. Buy from our partners. Cal is half Auphe, a ‘monster’ race from another dimension and his big brother Niko has been his protector his whole life.

However I was mildly surprised to say the least that Gob appeared to be less whiney in this book by quite a large margin, and more of his snarky attitude came through than anything else which I can live deatbwish and enjoy.

On page he questions who he’d be without taking on the responsibility to raise Cal, if he’d have become as broken as his mother.

Rob Thurman and Trick of the Light”. We have heard the same conversations again and again. When Niko remembers Sophia handing baby Cal to him, when Niko remembers the days before the nightmare, when Cal struggles to ask Niko to let them go, when Cal erases his tattoo, when Niko thinks Cal die, when Cal writes a note to help Niko deals with his nightmare For those who need plot and stuff, the last book ended with the Auphe reappearing and homing in on Nik and Cal.

I loved that he was swearing in Greek I am from Greece and I have to tell you that he knew what he was talking about! The Swords of Haven. A solid urban fantasy read The less good parts: It’s the same overused ploy of hum It’s a sad moment to realize that you don’t care about the characters of a book anymore.


Cal Leandros seriesTrickster [1]. View all 4 comments. So in Deathwish, Cal and Niko are having almost as many personal problems as their usual problems.

In addition to fighting off the Auphe, Cal and Niko take on a case involving an ex-lover of Promise’s, Niko’s vampire girlfriend and things do not go according to plan. Thurman all but pointed a finger a couple of times, while crying “look here, look here”. It’s interesting to read things from Niko’s perspective, not only to see his take on his brother, but also because this book is, in part, about the secret past of his girlfriend Promise.

I can relate to him on a personal level. So what else can I say about this book that I haven’t said already in the previous books? This book would literally be 50 pages less if not more if that had been trimmed.

Rob Thurman

Watch book trailers, author interviews, vampire movie and TV show information and trailers. The style is almost choppy but it keeps things flowing without much lag or issue. I loved it though, can’t wait to read tburman next one.

The truth is, they start the life together and if they have to leave the world, it will also be together. It just tells you that this and that happened. But harder thurma was protecting Cal from his monster father’s relatives.

Although new characters were introduced, it is done in the same flare as the first book. You’ve successfully reported this review.

Dark Side of the Road, The.

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