Home · DCI · Santa Clara Vanguard; Vanguard Drumline | DCI Atlanta Vanguard Drumline | DCI Atlanta Published on August 4. DCI’s DrumLine Battle snares Georgia Street on August 8 for a day of total percussion warfare. The Calgary Stampede Showband last attended the DCI events in when it also won the SoundSport Best in Show. In DrumLine Battle in.

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2018 SoundSport International Music & Food Festival

You have the power to help RCR grow. Help Rci Do Good. Another thing I think you’re missing is the value of individual practice time.

Plus, they ideally get to sleep and rest during the week, which can lead to better mental health and fewer muscle injuries. The importance of rhythmic accuracy and tempo control cannot be emphasized enough. Setting the goal is the most important step in actually auditioning. This is also coming from a brass guy. Matrix and Phantom is an example and RhythmX and Bluecoats is another. Know that attending a camp is a real undertaking, but not one you have to go at alone.

Location Pan Am Plaza. Drill for WGI groups tends to be much faster, and that kind of thing hides “dirt” in terms of leg shape which is just a thing that is rammed into the performers all summer. Through four years in the activity, Paul marched with the Cadets and Carolina Crown, and saw two world championships!


This will be your bible for the coming months. Not all requests will be accepted 5.

Upcoming Events

It’s because they don’t spend as much time breaking down technique and things that IMO are unnecessary to get a bunch of people high-level performers to play well together.

Auditions are a great time to meet new people and make new friends — and if you keep an open mind, you can learn a lot from the people you meet! Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Drum corps is mad draining and much more stressful on your body because you don’t get rest days for muscles to regenerate.

Submit a new text post. I Want to be a Member. After that, you will receive your audition packet. If you go into the audition with the mindset that it is a test, your preparation should reflect that. The SoundSport International Music and Food Festival will bring together a festive sampling of those vendors to serve up a delicious assortment of light bites and delicious delectables, along with plenty of the Hoosier Hospitality that Indianapolis is known for.

Home Join the Corps. Performance slots and vendor spaces are still available for ! Follow the Reddit Content Policy and do your best to practice Reddiquette 2.


The time has come.

DCI vs WGI : drumline

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I Want to Contribute. It’s also one of the most fun lines to listen to ever.

Do you know the answers to these questions? In my mind, the line I always go back to the 27th drumline.

Additional information regarding the parade selection will be released in the near future. It’s amazing that some WGI groups get as clean as they do with so little drumlime time.

Home – DrumLine Battle™DrumLine Battle™ | A program of Drum Corps International®

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Ok, but name an indoor line that was ever as clean as any Sanford winning dci percussion section. The RCR family is strong and continues to grow dck to the consistent support of our donors and volunteers.

I’ll go with Blue Devils ’86, Cadets ‘ Tag your posts when submitting them so when filters are added to the sub the posts will already be sorted. Keep in Touch Subscribe Are you over 18?

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