The most interesting and perhaps most overlooked move that David Gerrold makes in his fractal time travel book The Man Who Folded Himself. This classic work of science fiction is widely considered to be the ultimate time- travel novel. When Daniel Eakins inherits a time machine, he soon realizes that. With an introduction by Robert J. SawyerThe Man Who Folded Himself is a classic science fiction novel by award-winning author David Gerrold. This work was.

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Sep 25, Maggie K rated it really liked it. At first that was interesting. Daniel also has a stab at a heterosexual relationship with even more mind-blowing consequences. Daniel eventually realises that he has now become his Uncle Jim, and that his son will grow up to be the young version of himself who will inherit the Timebelt, and that his life has ‘come full circle’. The story is told via the medium of Daniel Eakins’ diary. Eakins’ adventures through the time are well thought out and brilliantly written.

The author, who penned “The Trouble with Tribbles” for the original “Star Trek” series, tackles all this heaviness in less than pp, and never makes it feel like any tackling is being done. The concept of time travel has always fascinated me As an aside, I saw the book was published in the s but there’s reference to CDs and I thought did they have some giant version of a CD back then?

The Man Who Folded Himself

Please remember one thing when reading this book. Dan inherits a belt from his teh, Uncl Considered the ultimate time travel book, I would have to agree. Can’t tell you what it realy is without spoiling the novel for filded I was right then, I’m right now There is development in his personality as he experiences life as a time traveller. Read on and find out for yourself. Also, the fact that an older version of Danny and a female version of him have a child together ensures that Danny is essentially his own parents; the child is identical and becomes Danny, living Danny’s life while Danny, in turn, adopts the surrogate role of Uncle Gedrold.


Published July 1st by BenBella Books first published I’ve pushed my rating to five stars because, thinking back on it, any minor quibbles I’ve made vanish in the arc-light of this novel’s originality in a musty, stuffy, conservative genre. Which is not at all a bad thing.

Daniel decides to use it to make some money. Refresh and try again. He makes preparations for after his ,an to ensure that the young Daniel experiences the same events that he did when he was the same age and have his own experience with time travel.

It’s certainly intrigued me into exploring the topic more. Dec 23, Sonya rated it really liked it.

Not an island battered by ocean, rather a fish swimming in it, the overall movement of the story is captured in its title is just superb. Dan, himself, sometimes does but gereold times doesn’t realize the effect his time travelling is having on him. Then the book got stupid and confusing — far to introspective and barely readable for the last 20 pages.

And it has aged. He quickly begins to use the object.

The Man Who Folded Himself – David Gerrold – Google Books

This book had me thinking so many things I’m close to done with it so I’ll more than likely finish it but I am definitely giving it a bad rating.

And hence comes the gambling, the meeting past and future selves, the multiple timelines, and the sex with There is no money. The afterword to the edition, however, supplied by Gerrold hmself, is stunning. Then one day he comes to Daniel and tells him to keep a journal and he will up his allowance every week substantially.

Feb 22, Jeff Mcleod rated it it daid amazing. However, this book was a diary meant to be handed down to his child who would just as easily or openly discover it on his own, right?

The Man Who Folded Himself (Literature) – TV Tropes

Then the real adventures through time can begin. All the dates were updated to fit with a start date of … but none of the events or folced adjusted. View all 9 comments.


In going back over the edition of this foldrd, I foded to compare it to the edition that blew my mind wide open when first read I was not going to sleep a peaceful night until I found a room full of men having sex with each other and diving in. The rules of time travel allows all possibilities of choices to exist as layers on I know I gave this 3 stars which is supposed to suggest “I like this book” according the GoodRead pop up bubbles.

I’m guessing that All You Zombies is marked as the first time the idea is used by a well-known SF writer no foldec the author of the dissertation has managed to locate several unknowns who got there before Heinlein. There are all kinds of Daniels from different stages of their lives, they often meet up and even have Gatsby style of all night parties. The female version of Danny has a similar relationship with alternate versions of herself; she is Diane when she meets a version of gerorld from the future, but when she plays the role of the future traveler, she adopts the name Donna.

I would read pages, then pause and think. It got a little. The Spy Who Shagged Me is presumably the point where it went mainstream.

It’s highly energetic and very entertaining. Please, give it a try, you won’t regret it! Want to Read Currently Reading Read. He spends much of his time at a house party set inenjoying whk company of dozens of versions of himself whoo different ages. That’s when I was getting sick of the book.

But when Daniel becomes Don, and other Dans start merging into the picture, bigger questions emerge. Calling him Don, the two collude on the scheme and seem to get rich. This work was nominated for both Hugo and Nebula awards and is considered by some critics to be the finest time travel novel ever written.

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