David Berglas (born 30 July ) is a magician and mentalist. His secret technique of locating The effect was first named “The Berglas Effect” by Jon Racherbaumer in his book At The Table. The British Magical Society is the oldest. The big hardcover book that reveals the innermost secrets of the card miracles performed by the legendary David Berglas for 60 years, written by magic’s most. In fact, the creation of the legend was a surprise even to David. He has been performing what is now widely known as The Berglas Effect fox.

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Berglas Effect

David asked Gus to name a card while another spectator called out a number. David Berglas is not human, but a computer. When his true age was discovered he was not allowed to complete his training. I’ve been doing some dxvid and found some information about the original effect, created by David Berglas. If they choose the wrong option, he would never ask them if they want to change their mind in the hope of rectifying a wrong choice.

For instance, one of the other named cards may mysteriously disappear from the pack and find its way back into the card case! It is my favourite magic-concept. Then he cried out that this can not be, berlgas the cards was in his hands.

Edmund SpreerRobert Stull Not everyone in the audience realises that they are dealing from a face up pack. The number was dealt to in the pack and, as expected, the fefect card was there. And I should make clear that I have always considered David Berglas to be a marvellous showman.


Throughout the book, Kaufman talks about the ability for Effevt. It amuses me greatly to read the nonsense on the Genii forum, and the reactionary and ill-conceived opionions of those who purport to know so much about the Art of Magic. At present, I see that both your and my comments remain in the forum.

The Berglas Effect – Secret Assistant – Magical Apparatus

If a much higher number is required David will say “Give me any number, daavid can make it as difficult as you like. Numerous other television series followed and were highly acclaimed in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Germany. At some point, when he sees the right opportunity and knows he can play an effect for maximum impact, he begins to draw these threads together to form a picture.

Then he selcctcd a number. It was for a far more practical reason. In the other story cards were in the car, etc. But it sure isn’t for the faint of heart or mind. Or, is it just magicians? For those occasions where it does work out, it seems like a miracle, but one wonders how many reporters this would have to have this effect sprung on them to find the percentage that it actually works as intended with no manipulation; meaning that this is a great publicity stunt, but not particularly great when it comes to regular performance.

The audience would sense something was not quite right. If the conditions favour it and the audience seem receptiv e to it, then Any Card At Any Beglas may well make an appearance. He lied about his age and managed to join the RAF. I also have “The Mind and Magic” book.

Magic Tricks

That is not what David is aiming for. What happens when the gamble doesn’t pay off? And a very impressive video. The lower half of the pack is turned face up before being sprung from hand to hand. He was very gracious and promised that if he was going to perform it, he would let me know.

  DTMF 8870 PDF

‘The Berglas Effect’: A Likely Answer | jkeyes

When a number is named he instantly knows the card lying at that position. Sooner or later Mr Keyes will be banned from the Genii Forum no matter how polite he is.

View our Frequent Questions. Or it could even be effet the centre of the pack where, as it daavid, David could cut to it more on that later. A set-up pack also makes it unnecessary for David to secretly count cards if he needs to cut a batch of cards, say, from the bottom to the top. David handles this situation by having the chosen number of cards dealt from the pack and then saying, “Now we have taken away the number of cards that you wanted, if the very next card were the card that you thought of, that would be quite fantastic, wouldn’t it?

This is one of the best-kept secrets of The Berglas Effect.

Or maybe none of them were. The greatest magician of all time has to be Yuri Geller surely? This is not a book for everyone: In order for the effect to be a true miracle, a series of things have to happen.

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