Mopho is a compact and affordable—but powerful—monophonic analog synthesizer. The Push It button is a manual trigger that lets you play a specific note or. SoundEditor provides the ultimate editing and sound development experience by displaying all Mopho Program parameters in a single, intuitive graphical. View and Download Dave Smith Instruments Mopho operation manual online. Mopho synthesizer. Mopho Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Page 20 —The amount of random oscillator frequency tuning slop.

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Sequencer more legato or shorter more staccato effects can be achieved by editing the envelope rates.

Compare Turn Compare off to return to the edited version. The time to transition between notes varies with the interval between FixRate: Mopho can be used as a signal processor. Quick Start Thanks for purchasing your Mopho synthesizer! Page 21 —Determines how the Glide Mode: Program —When editing a Program, press Compare to hear the saved version.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Miscellaneous Parameters Miscellaneous Parameters Miscellaneous Parameters groups together programmable parameters that do not conveniently fall into any obvious section or, if they do, are parameters that are less frequently used.

External Gain for low-level signals.

Dave Smith Instruments MOPHO KEYBOARD User Manual | 68 pages

When all vave are lighted, the Envelope Select other envelope parameters control all three envelopes simultaneously.


Since each Mopho modulation source has a single destination, the four general purpose modulators provide a way to send a mod source such as a sequence or LFO to additional destinations, with a different amount. Page 61 The following tables list the values used with the program parameters to specify modulation destinations and sources. Page 30 Slew in sequence four controls sequence three. Arpeggiator Mode is set in Miscellaneous Parameters. Using Poly Chain Poly Chain to the number of additional voices that will be chained: Mopho to process external audio, turn the VCA Level up.

Note that this Pedal: Programming The Sequencer Sequence one has an additional value, Rest, that appears in the list after Reset. For larger amounts, use a random LFO or Modes of Operation Mopho has three operating modes: Operation is subject to the following two conditions: Support Still experiencing a problem ,anual Mopho? Reset the Global parameters in the Global menu.

Warranty Repair Please contact support davesmithinstruments. Fortunately, several of the synth components have similar control requirements.


Page 60 0 – 14 Arpeggiator Mode: Lfo Mopho has four low frequency oscillators LFOs. For example, if Slew is applied to oscillator frequency, high Slew values may cause a step to sound flat or sharp.

Page 42 In Windows, if you unplug the USB cable and plug it back in while a program has the Mopho port open, you may have to resync. The glide rate is fixed. Depending upon the BPM and Clock Divide settings, the slew rate can actually ddave the time the envelopes are gated on, causing a step in the affected sequence to not reach its set value. Page 16 – —A momentary footswitch connected to Sustain: Mopho Operation Manual Version 1.


The advantage to that is that the tuning is exceptionally stable over a ten-octave range without having to compensate for variables like temperature. Oscillator Slop allows subtle amounts of frequency drift.

Dave Smith Instruments MOPHO KEYBOARD User Manual

Miscellaneous Modulators There are certain standard controllers that Mopho consigns to dedicated modulators, things like mod wheel, pressure aka aftertouchand velocity.

It assumes you already know what an oscillator is, how a low-pass filter affects the sound, what an ADSR envelope looks like, and so on.

Miscellaneous Parameters Miscellaneous Parameters groups together programmable parameters that do not conveniently fall into any obvious section or, if they do, are parameters that are less frequently used.

Request Global Manuap Dump Status Two are dedicated—one to the filter and the other to the amplifier—and the third is assignable to any modulation destination.

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