Darkship Thieves byHoyt [Hoyt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Facing mutiny armed only with a torn nightgown and her wits. Athena has . Darkship Thieves and its sequel Darkship Renegades are Science Fiction novels by Sarah A. Hoyt. Set in a solar system after a massive revolt against. Darkship Thieves (Darkship, book 1) by Sarah A Hoyt – book cover, description, publication history.

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This is another book that I picked up for the Women of SciFi online book club. Never wanted to visit Circum Terra. I guess it could be an age thing, because the characters are quite young and their immaturity and inexperience should be taken into account, but both lived pretty extraordinary lives, and to my mind at least, that should have resulted in a more mature headspace for them both.

But this novel is written in the first person, and I found Sinistra’s discussion of her own body rather too much like what might come from a fairly juvenile male writer; it felt uncomfortably like she was objectifying herself, and not in an ironic way.

And Kit, her love interest, very fun! Darkship Thieves is narrated by the year-old heroine, who has the fighting skills of a professional soldier and thievea tech know-how of an engineer. He could have been more interesting; he actually had a few scenes that made me curious about thievfs.

DarkShip Thieves (Darkship, #1) by Sarah A. Hoyt

I guess author wanted to re-make “Friday” but that did not go all too well. It’s old-school sci-fi dadkship of Heinlein’s juveniles, but with more grit and less social engineering. She ends up with a band of honorable thieves and, darkshp course, falling in love with the man she hates. Now you may think Baen covers are cheezy, demeaning to women or other things and quite likely be right but one thing they absolutely are is distinctive as a brand.


You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Hoyt will explain all — and remind us all that inspiration can some at you from any angle.

This really bogged the action down and broke the flow of the story. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

I was rather hoping that, being written by a woman and with a woman like that on the cover, this was going to be a good, maybe feminist, take on the old pulps: Mar 07, Leslie rated it it thoeves amazing Shelves: That book was phenomenal. Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty.

Darkship Thieves by Sarah Hoyt – WebScription Ebook

Hours and hours of talking about the main love interest who doesn’t even really seem to DO very much. I liked Thena more once she found someone to love and who loved her. University of Washington University Bookstore. Even though she argued incessantly with her father and his rules, she desperately desires to make sure he is ok. Spoiled, tempestuous, brilliant, beautiful, and dangerous, and with some series Daddy Issues, she finds herself seemingly being kidnapped aboard her own father’s space yacht by his mercenary goons.

I wavered between one and two stars on this. Is she a somewhat spoiled princess-y brat? I think I might have to go purchase the ebook now. In my view, at least, banning cloning — and the inevitable human enhancement — technology would ensure it would be used for all those purposes that people were afraid of.


In this case, the source of annoyance was the whole flap about clones and how the cloning technology was going to destroy the world.

Sarah Hoyt

A space tree that grows nuclear power cells. That’s a little disappointing, and it’s not actually explained very well why that should be the case.

No, I still like sci fi and fantasy, and even romance. Honestly, I feel like there’s a lot of potentia This book is So, instead of Circum Terra, she flees into the dangerous powertrees. Then her boy gets captured while making another power pod run, and she has to go back to Darkshkp for a confrontation with Daddy Dearest, in which we learn all kinds of deep dark secrets about Earth’s real history and Daddy’s sinister plans for his little girl, and an entire gang of space biker allies is introduced in the final act.

It stared off well, then seemed to slow a carkship although not in a bad way when Athena got to Eden. The middle section was very tough for me to get through.

I was enjoying this right up until she started with the weird gender essentialist libertarian politics. Perhaps I am finally getting more sophisticated! I think this book had a lot of unrealized potential, but for starters, I was distracted by the first person viewpoint in the present tense throughout the story. I would recommend Darkship Thieves to anyone who enjoys a light, fun read with a little romance thieevs a strong female lead character.

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