Since , Cusick’s Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet has been an attractive, time tested resource for up-to-date anesthesia related information on. Information for this sheet is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks (see bibliography). It contains important Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet – Details. The sheet Learn about the author Dr. Jeffrey Cusick, MD. Invaluable anesthesia reference sheets that provide quick and accurate information, when you need it, Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet $

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Quantities 5 – 9: Despite higher beginning price, you will get deeper percent discounts for higher quantities. Both the ordering and production process for mini sheets need to be streamlined and improved before it is reintroduced.

I left vasopressin dosing on the sheet although it is no longer included. It is an excellent study guide and review. September 4v Note added to epinephrine dose for Pediatric code that second and subsequent doses may be increased. January 4, v Added IO intraosseous dosing to atropineamiodaroneepinephrineand lidocaine.

Changed e-mail address to accrs cusick. Quantities 1 – 4: If you require quantities ofmore than 10 sheets please visit my secondary order page. Doses did not change but fine tuned drug administration and formating. December 15v December 12, v May 20, v Changed website address from http: January 17, v For now it is available as an option.


Thank you Thomas Burnakis, Pharm. Unfortunately it does not provide the same flexibility with mixed orders or high quantity greater than 15 orders than the old process but it will work for the majority of customers and simplifies things. For epinepherine I removed the note about increasing the 2nd dose since it is no longer recommended.

It was removed from ACLS protocol in Note added to titrate to adequate heart rate. Pediatric dosing is frequently possible and emphasized. Decreased order delivery time to anfsthesia to weeks. March 2, v Drug names are color coded and conform to color labeling standards. Note added to Anestesia Code Defibrillation dose to repeat after each medication.

Many of the doses were extremely difficult to choose given the great variability in references. Sheet was imported into a new program so that it can be edited on current computers. Savel for pointing this out. Many small formatting changes to increase readability, especially in the formulas area. Previously there were two 12 carr doses after the 6 mg dose. Even more important is that my website now calculates the correct amount to charge given the quantity ordered.

June 17Pricing and ordering changes instituted. Increased abesthesia of sideways text for better readability on Mini sheet. Anestjesia light grey line background to Fluid Management section for better readability. Updated almost daily during my anesthesiology residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center. The info by fax is no longer available and was replaced by the website. Reviewed the ACLS guidelines but no changes were needed on my sheet since drug doses did not change.


You must crtiical javascript enabled for this to work. Ordering process kept simple by not having to quote separate shipping and handling charges because they are included in the price.

Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet | Home

Loading dose remains correct. Larger, thicker 5 mil lamination should increase durability.

Shipping and handling is included. No new drugs to add. Prior order page available for greater quantity discounts.

Drug set up, Autonomics Recall, and Drug Reference Sheet

Added the new Mini sheet as an ordering option. See ASA Report for more information. Ajesthesia 23v Peer reviewed during that time. New Mini sheet printing process and printer. PayPal transactions simplified with the addition of a “Shopping Cart”. March 28 ansethesia, v If you make a mistake, check the “Remove” button and the “Update Cart” button to start over. My prior reference was Barash’s Clinical Anesthesia 2nd ed and it was incorrect in that text!

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