A essência da prática interdisciplinar no cuidado paliativo às pessoas com câncer en este programa, en el sur de Brasil, que proporcionan cuidados paliativos a las personas con cáncer. .. São Paulo: Caderno CREMESP; p. 6. Carvalho RT, Taquemori LY. Nutrição e hidratação. In: Conselho Regional de Medicina do Estado de São Paulo. Cuidado paliativo. São Paulo: CREMESP. equipes de cuidados paliativos domiciliares. ÚLCERAS POR PRESIÓN EN PACIENTES EN CUIDADOS PALIATIVOS .. São Paulo: CREMESP; p. 15 -.

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On death and dying. Thus, the interdisciplinary team aims to enhance patients’ quality of life and, nevertheless, also further the quality of death, palitaivos the best possible practice of patients’ daily activities. Is That the Right Question?

The essence of interdisciplinary practice in palliative care delivery to cancer patients

Palliative care for people with AIDS. Abstract The aim of this study was to analyze the information available in the literature about the drugs that can be administered through hypodermoclysis and the resulting impact that this information may have on the routine of the pharmacist working at a hospital.

J Pain Symptom Manage ; Care for the caregiver. In response to this reality, the different specialties offered in health services have contributed to understand workers’ thinking, knowledge and actions, in a complex task that implies agreements among various scientific knowledge areas and articulated action among different professionals, as a fundamental condition for health care.

These people are at home and face the imminence of death, which permits the expanded construction of holistic careattending to health needs in different professional interventions, as holistic care delivery is opposed to the fragmentary and reductionist approach of individuals.

paliatiivos These characteristics favor and stimulate workers towards growth, reciprocity, mutual enrichment and personal satisfaction, in a collective and continuous learning movement that can be conducted by the subjects’ internal motivation, as well as by respect for the other’s discipline in ctemesp search for complementariness and the acknowledgement of each member’s specific personal contribution in the team and of the different disciplines’ limits.


Cancer Res ;59 Librach L, Gilford-Jones W. Clinical Guideline for Subcutaneous Infusion Hypodermoclysis. Universidade Federal do Rio Grande, Brazil.


These groups provide support and information to these individuals at different times. N Engl J Med ; Ciidados, the PIDI has a professional to address the mind, body and [ Support Care Cancer ;10 2: Ethical questions at the end of life.

Endocrinol Metab ;15 4: A new anti-cancer drug? Of cuidaos medications already indicated and commonly prescribed for the subcutaneous route, as was reported in one of the studies, most are prescribed primarily based on clinical practice more than on literature per se.

In the PIDI, another goal is maximum comfort and understanding, without cuidsdos intent of cure, due to its impossibility, emphasizing the adequate control of symptoms and the different aspects involving human beings. Ethical and religious directives for catholic health care services. Many of the studies and guidelines found in preparing this study were international.

Hypodermoclysis: a literature review to assist in clinical practice

By means of the results found, we observed that the hypodermoclysis technique is a safe, effective, low cost, and easily applicable methodology 512 that seems to bring some benefits. J Pediatr ; 3: At the ICU, you may even consider ”biprofessionalism”, in which the physician and nurse can stand out in that environment but, in home hospitalization and palliative care, interdisciplinarity is essential.

The PIDI reveals a privileged space in which workers’ individual contributions go beyond scientific and specific knowledge, towards partnerships among the stakeholders. One report shows essential elements of interdisciplinary work, including knowledge integration, the recognition of each professional’s activity limits in view of the goal of user care, respect for other people’s and colleagues’ knowledge and horizontal power relations in the team.

J Pediatr Hematol Oncol ;25 5: I’ve already worked in a hospital and perceived that the central figure of the physician exists, while other professionals are the rests of the team.


In that sense, PIDI professionals express the holistic nature of palliative care delivery to users, caregivers and relatives, through interdisciplinary practice: Most classes of medications already in use for this route are opioids, antibiotics, antiemetics, and sedatives.

A large part of the adverse reactions mentioned in the articles occurred due to inadequate use, such as for example, unsuitable puncture sites, medication inappropriate for that route of administration, inadequate dilution, and lack of rotation of puncture site change every 96 hours. It has been used in patients who present with diagnoses of moderate dehydration caused by severe dysphagia, dementia, intestinal obstruction due to neoplasms, and somnolence. According to the methodology cited for search of information, 17 pieces of literature Chart 2 and an electronic database were selected.

Thus, the sense of collective construction attributed to learning distances it from practices that promote one person’s depositing of information in the other, in which is knowledge is characterized as a donation by those who consider cuidaados wise to those who consider they know nothing.

This is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial License, which permits unrestricted non-commercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original work is properly cited.

Today, the physician is no longer the core figure in the team Sincerity. J Clin Oncol, In this process, it is essential to recognize the means by which individuals constructed their interactions with other people throughout their lives, excelling by overcoming their individuality in their thinking, knowing and acting, as a result of their education, or being able to reconstruct them collectively cuifados the team, with a view to adapting the subjects to interdisciplinary work.

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