CthulhuTech – Vade Mecum: the CthulhuTech Companion – The Last War Continues Foes without. Foes within. It seems that safety is just an. CthulhuTech has 14 ratings and 0 reviews. Vade Mecum is a major expansion to both the setting and the game rules. It provides setting. CthulhuTech Vade Mecum has 10 ratings and 0 reviews: Published September 1st by Wildfire Productions, pages, Hardcover.

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Sometimes normal people pick up the dreams and go a little crazy or become Cthulhu-worshippers, though.

CthulhuTech – Wikipedia

Detecting the real Mirage works like a mecha’s Stealth System but with its Degree increased by one category. He also begins with one First Order power in whichever group of para-psychic powers you choose as his secondary talent. Thanks for telling us about the problem. It is possible to kill yourself doing this. Legends among the Sleepers those aren’t covered in Vade Mecum speak of him, but he hasn’t appeared in millenia. Exceptional Para-Psychic 4 Prerequisite: Told you this chapter was a bit of a mishmash.

Say goodnight, Migou cthuphutech

Players have ten drama points which are restored every game session loosely defined as being each time the players get together to play. Max Kaehn added it Aug 27, The Stories of H. Sorcerers with an Occult skill of Adept or greater, who also have the Physical Medicine skill at Novice, can somewhat control this process, thus creating naturally fully functioning gender ambiguities — women with penises, men with vaginas, or hermaphrodites leaning towards either gender.


A few Mythos elements have been extrapolated into a futuristic setting, such as monstrous Ghouls and Byakheethe alien Mi-Goas well as Lovecraftian deities such as Cthulhu and Hastur.

Open Preview See a Problem?

CthulhuTech Vade Mecum

Andrew P Burrus rated it it was amazing May 26, All Thirds have requirements. Fight Nyarlathotep With Ninjitsu!

Is there any reason to not go for high Tenacity? Want to Read saving….

You cannot use this power offensively. Unattractive heavy scarring on your chest, back and stomach.

Not bad, I guess! At Expert you can “generate” cold, make it snow, freeze a pond and your weapon improves, and you can attack anything within yards.

They aren’t actually insubstantial until they start phasing through something, and unlike the other Orgone-draining Tager powers this one stops working at 0 Orgone. Even so, if they get too close to the Death Shadows, the political pressure will begin in earnest.

If you’re using it to help someone, they lose 1 Insanity Point every three nights. The result is then added to a “base” consisting of a related attribute score bought by the player at character creation.

CthulhuTech Vade Mecum*OP [Read] Online

Dhohanoids are employees of the Chrysalis Corporation. However, he begins with a total of five Insanity Points including the cthulhutch from the Erupted Para-Psychic Asset, but not including any he may gain through the acquisition of his powersalong with the accompanying two permanent psychological disorders and the -1 Test Penalty for future Insanity Tests including those required for the acquisition of their powers.


Fight Nyarlathotep with Ninjitsu! Vade Mecum is a major expansion to both the setting and the game rules. First you make an invocation Test the Degree varies by powerusing a number of dice equal to his rating in the power.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Players can choose from two player races in the Core Rulebook. So, three new mecha and some underwater powered armour. When you cast this eight-hour ritual you can concentrate on something specific, like vadr person or a memory, and when you fall asleep, memories and experiences related to the subject play out clearly in your head.

Then boom, you’re done! Factions include the “Tagers,” a group of warriors who work for the mysterious Eldritch Society and bond with alien symbionts that cthulhutecch alien-like suits of flesh over their bodies, giving them enhanced strength and other abilities. Please help this article by looking for better, more reliable sources.

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