Cowon’s A3 60GB Portable MultiMedia Player is versatile and powerful with a 4″ TFT screen. This screen has x resolution and is powered by TI’s new. Cowon’s A3 PMP seems to have it all, a gorgeous display, broad file format, AV recording and more. Cowon A3 (60GB) review. First impressions of this multimedia player are underwhelming. The A3 seems a dated, plastic, lumpen figure, and it.

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Additionally, this bugger had plenty of heft, cowno quite frankly, felt like a small brick when compared to a 60GB 5G iPod. Play them back on A3, or save to your computer. JetAudio, by itself, wouldn’t play the recorded videos.

What Hi-Fi?

Sure, there’s plenty of clean lines and hints of chrome, but we just can’t help but feel that the D-pad and right-aligned buttons detract from the overall look. While this is a great way to keep things simple, it doesn’t quite make up for the tiny joystick being a real fiddly pain in the neck — not to mention the thumb — to use; it’s really tricky and imprecise. We’ve changed, we promise.

Apple’s iPod Touch gives you cowwon good portion of the iPhone 6 experience in a tiny package, With the A3, it is so simple; you just hook the camera up, and stream your video to its memory. Beautiful screen for watching movies and excellent sound quality, but you pay for this in terms of the size and weight of the player; it is not something you will go jogging with.


We have also uploaded movies for travel, music and more. Decent execution, but not the best So, the Cowon A3 has staged something of a recovery, but naturally the execution is crucial. And, if you’re bored of your own tunes, there’s an FM radio, and a built-in microphone for recording.

You can record important meetings or lectures using this feature. This screen has x resolution and is powered by TI’s new Davinci Chipset. Excluding the ‘back’ button, the functions of each of these buttons change depending on what mode the player is 3a used in — on-screen a33 always tell you what does what. Images up to 15 megapixels in resolution are also supported, with zoom controls should you need them.

Continue to next page 01 Great display, easy navigating, ‘feels’ quality, all connectors fit firmly and tight. And video and sound is okay, but it doesn’t quite reach the heights of the top dogs in this sector.

Cowon A3 review

We want to hear what you think. How would you rate the A3?

The screen seems particularly reflective — not ideal in brighter conditions. Against Low 3a life looks and feels cheap sound and vision performance is bettered elsewhere. Battery life isn’t great, either, only around nine hours with music, despite a healthy seven hours for video.

Rated 4 out of 5 by HarryHydro from So loaded you can feel it! Surface Studio 2 review: A better all-in-one PC twist.

Cowon A3 review

This would be the navigation ‘nipple’ — it’s a nightmare to use. Cons Design is a bit datedNo web browserA bit on the hefty side. Nevertheless, The Wire looks decent, if lacking that extra level of depth and texture that the iPod Touch can dig up. The Good Price; image quality; sound quality; amazing video and audio codec support; support for DVD VOB files; direct video and audio hard disk recording and encoding.


Cowon A3 Unboxing 11 Photos Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. USB ports, composite and component inputs and outputs sit behind a small flap on the left-hand side, below a 3.

Features With support for H. You’ve also xowon a band equaliser to play with, adjustable playback speed, support for multiple audio tracks and even subtitles.

COWON A3 60GB Personal Media Player and Recorder ASL B&H

Rated 5 out of 5 by Anonymous from excellent Overall excellent media player. As for pocketability, the A3 isn’t exactly first in class, but every time we thought about coaon uncomfortable this thing would be when shoved into a pocket, that luscious 4-inch display kept coaxing us into believing that everything was a-okay.

Will play almost anything you can throw at it. First impressions of this multimedia player are underwhelming. The best full-frame mirrorless camera for video. Every cable you’ll cowob is in the box, including component and composite video leads. This Cowon is good in parts but, given its price, it lacks some functionality — such as internet browsing — and can’t hit the performance and usability peaks that others manage.

This is a great product!

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