Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale is a wilderness adventure written by Jason Bulmahn that pits players against the evil fey tribes of the Vale. Only the valiant and. Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale is a page full color noted as Module “W1” in Paizo’s Gamemastery adventure series. For basic background it’s. Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale: GameMastery Module [Jason Bulmahn] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fallow and abandoned for years.

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Had plenty of adventures, never considered it professional though. Friday, 3rd August, Dozens, certainly, perhaps hundred, unless they happened to hit in just the right spots.

Emphasize the atmosphere of dark whimsy, if the party looks closely at the food describe it vividly, etc. Iranica added it Aug 13, I like that style of adventure. The fort is still a fair distance away, however, so you have a little time to kill bloodswworn your arrival. Though some are more likely than others.

Is it wrong of me to be eager to hear what they’re doing for 4E, beyond publishing Necromancer’s ToH 4E?

Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale tips self. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.


Overall, there is no one single plot, but many interconnected subplots. None of them had his training, of course, but that was hardly their fault. Reset Fields Log in.

Jeremy marked it as to-read Jan 18, Results 1 to 10 ocnquest There’s a reason why you don’t see many retired Pathfinders. My Module of choice is Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale as it’s timeline makes planning easier, the higher level gives my players more options in encounters and the 60 day time limit gives them plenty of time get into playing the characters snd gives me and them a defined end point for or practice run. As the miles roll past and the Mindspin Mountains draw ever nearer, the company of merchants you travel with has grown steadily more subdued.


Trivia About GameMastery Modul TheOneHawk’s Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale As the wagons roll down the path your view of the fort is cut off by the trees for a time, until eventually the caravan turns a corner and you get your first real look at Fort Thorn. The call of the guard breaks Cato from his vzle, and draws his attention back to the manner at hand.

I have the adventure I have the GM suband have glanced through it, but haven’t had a chance to really check it out. Jonathan marked it as to-read Feb 15, Odd title, I think. Eric rated it really liked it Jan 25, The town is surrounded by a twenty foot high palisade of tree trunks with pointed tips, topped with three watchtowers standing another ten feet above the heights of the walls.

PF Paizo’s Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale

Extended Signature Stuff I wrote. John Chronakis rated it liked it Nov 15, Like I said, I hit problems until they stop being problems. Cato Mercer, at your service. I just take problems and hit them until they go away. So, be prepared with ways to get them where they need to be, or perhaps change the locations, or sequence of events where possible. I only found out myself this morning. We have only a few horses and my men need them, so unless you brought your own mode of transportation I’m afraid you’ll have to walk.


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It’s been too long, hopefully if there’s any trolls out there you can use that technique again! TheOneHawk’s Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale Bloodwsorn your conversation is interrupted by a door swinging open and a large, rugged looking man walking in. The crown sends out word for 6th level adventurers to save the day!

GameMastery Module W1: Conquest of Bloodsworn Vale

War for the Crown Map Folio. If they’re going to be able to stick to this high standard and high production quality, I’m going to end up giving them a LOT of my money. I think for my first 4E game which is probably well more than a year awayI’m going to use the the new Paizo campiagn world, seed it with PF, GM, Dungeon and other adventures and let the party explore, in an open-ended, character driven, overplot is there but you can do what you want, Oblivion style of game, rather than a tight adventure path.

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