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The guardian of Germany’s cur- rency warned his colleagues that the industrial world was short of capital to rebuild the former Corn- Failing GNP U.

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Pierre Dunoyer, a year-dd French painter, who has avoided the commercial circuits of art since die late s, win be showing his canvases in the com- pany of sculptures by the Ameri- can artist Robert Gober, while the video space vriD be devoted to an installation by the Chilean exile Raoul Ruiz.

He said officials had revised their esti- mate of 1. The CCA, as it is known here, lies on the opposite side of a broad boulevard from Chantey’s park, which serves as the museum’s gardens. This was not a freak. The suc- comuato of the first commercial fair devoted to drawings surprised even the most experienced of its participants.

Agenda Telefnica Digital

Lista os telefones e seus endereos. London, 24 May Viewing: Tbe citation followed a recom- mendation of the Economic Po- licy Council, which includes President George Bush’s lop ad- visers on economic issues.

Find the user manual and the help you need for the products you own at ManualsOnline. The advice for Americans to leave Ethiopia came after the town of Ambo, kflometos west of Addis Ababa,’ fcD at mid-week to the rebels of the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Dwnocratic Front The rebeb have madeitefeartheywill accept little short of tfaedeparturftvohmwrily or forced, of Lieatajant. Watching them with him, if s like moths to a flame.


Kimi- masa Tantmizu, said Friday that the bank might resume lending to China as early as next month. Virtually singlehandfidly, she has founded, created and financed the Ganariian Centre for Architec- ture, the most all-encompassing institute devoted to architecture in the world. Docs that grab you? Harcourt, which took on a crush- ing debt burden to escape a hostile takeover bid from the British pub- lister Robert Maxwell inhas acknowledged that it could face bankruptcy if it can’t find a buyer.

Now art historians should want to see what restorers are re- vealing for them like brilliant col- ors applied knowledgeably in the days before electricity and spot- lights. Ameri- ca has an enormous stake in extending support for this promising development It will not be easy for the two leaders and their colleagues to resolve the many urgent policy issues they face.

Six years ago be and Danny Teelfonica, a school administrator, began taking the students to tournaments. China’s very low wages translate into cheap import prices for a wide range of toys, clothing and electrical appliances. The sculpture-graced plazas are just the tip of the cultural iceberg.

About one-third of these wiD be in the Soviet Union and about one-half elsewhere in Europe.

Full text of “International Herald Tribune , , France, English”

Financial Consultant and Yachtsman. Murdoch determined to expand his company interna- tionally in the s presumably on the theory that only big companies would survive.

Partore, Tab There were 73 auctioneering groups, numbering auctioneers; most were far too small to be effidenL Today, there are 74 groups and auctioneers.

T HE ONE plausible an- swer to the woes of Drouot would be to or- ganize collective sales in each category or, at the most, col- lective sales held by two rival groups, not three or four, and rule out solo performances. And even the cle- verest dealers find themselves slightly overstocked. Centre Intenjanooal dc Valboone – Valbonac Cedes. Eng U i speaking Non-Denora. They will have to resume and reinvigo- rate the move to markets.


The move requires the U. A second remedy for this sort of instability is to get Iraq to treat its citizens telefonia, or at least to offer. Some French critics have te,efonica ed to shrug at the idea of inaugu- rating a contemporary telefonicz with works by a dead artist Pacque- ment, however, points out that Dubuffet is peniaps the only Frerich ‘artist of recent decades to’ have adueved a first-rate interna- tional reparation.

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He noted that at the moment, the G-7 was used for political consulta- tion only once a year, when the heads of government at the eco- nomic summit meeting, accompa- nied by their foreign and finance ministers, issue a political state- ment supplementing their econom- ic communique.

A number of buyers were appar- ently interested, including Reed In- ternational, the British firm that has been expanding its American publishing business and whose properties include Variety, the en- tertainment trade paper. My choree, and please pass it on: Baker was comutoa unsatisfied with the positions adopted by Mr.

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Two Children under lb-years are c -insured without charge.

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