Application guidelines. Danfoss Scroll for Refrigeration. MLM / MLZ. 50 – 60 Hz – RA – R – Ra – R MAKING. Suction gas enters the compressor at the suction connection. As all of the gas flows around and through the electrical motor, thus ensuring. Compresor Scroll Danfoss. Refrigerante RA Modelo HRH U4L P6 Individuales para aire acondicionado. SH: Aplicaciones comerciales ligeras y de .

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Refrigeration scroll compressors

Danfoss inverter scroll compressor VZH is the second generation of scroll compressors offering variable speed technology for commercial applications in air conditioning. The energy regulations generate several challenges that can be easily taken up with variable speed technology.

Inverter compressors are the best way to obtain and exceed the energy standards with high part-load and seasonal efficiency while providing several other key benefits.


On top of the advantages provided by the technology precise cooling and humidity management, low start-up current, energy efficiency etc.

Compresor Scroll Danfoss HRHU4LP6 RA

The second generation of inverter solutions by Danfoss is now stepping beyond the energy point of view. The optimization for different pressure ratios and permanent magnet motors in inverter scroll compressors are the major contributors to these performance levels.

A prequalified compressor and drive package from a single supplier to reduce time to market sdroll enhance reliability. Drives with EMC compliance, built-in harmonic filters, suitability for varied climates, embedded Modbus protocol.

Accurate temperature control, low starting current, high energy efficiency and low acoustic comprewores with variable speed technology. Explore the different facets of variable-speed technology for efficient commercial air conditioning and precision cooling.

Includes system descriptions, cases, training.

Compresores scroll Danfoss

Renovation of Key Laboratory in Shanghai illustrates the benefits of temperature control and compresorws savings in critical applications with inverter technologies. The satellite launch tower is a vital facility. Reliable energy efficient inverter HVAC unit in this critical application was secured with Danfoss solution.


Example of data center cooling featuring inverter technology that reaches low PUE, saves energy and costs and secures data process. Inverter scrolls – VZH.

VZH inverter scroll compressor for air conditioning | Danfoss

Advanced efficiency, extended Danfoss inverter scroll dcroll VZH is the second generation of scroll compressors offering variable speed technology for commercial applications in air conditioning. Boost your packaged air conditioning units, rooftops, chillers with the Danfoss VZH range.

Ease of application and high system reliability. Safety data sheet, HV French

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