Title Variants: Translated: Code international de nomenclature zoologique. Uniform: International code of zoological nomenclature. Ti:i) 35 Y TIIH X V I N ‘1 1 ^ K H A’] ^1 C) ]\ A, L CO N’ G R EB^ 01 CODE INTERNATIONAL de NOMENCLATURE ZOOLOGIQUE adopte par le XVe CONGRES. Publisher London: International Trust for Zoological Nomenclature, Rev. ed. of: Code international de nomenclature zoologique/adopté par le XVe Congrès.

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This draft was to take account of the conclusions reached at Copenhagen, of the amendments at previous Congresses, of the pertinent earlier Opinions, and of the substance of the Declarations.

Similarly in Neo-Latin we have many such zoological names as Ennomos from ewonos and Theridion from drjpihov. The failure of the Code to deal with names of higher rank than superfamily or of lower rank than subspecies arises from no failure to recognize internahional necessity of such names.

Code international de nomenclature zoologique

These were studied in turn by the Editorial Committee, and for the most part found amenable to editorial decision. The word or words that constitute the scientific designation of a taxon [Chapter II].

In this, as in the long period of the work of the Committee, zoologists have bene- nomenclaturs from the extensive editorial and professional experience of his productive career in entomology, during which he has rounded out a neat half-century with the British Museum Natural History. Les semivoyelles w et y devraient etre employees pour exprimer la meme valeur phonetique que dans les mots anglais will et young.

Proper names used by the ancients, e. La substitution de “a” a la finale 17 represente la substitution de la desinence du nominatif singulier feminin de la premiere declinaison latine a la desinence grecque. Voir tire a part.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

L’abreviation d’un nom d’auteur ne devrait jamais entrainer de confusion avec un autre auteur. The latter accepts as objective synonyms only those names that are based on the same type ; but it is prepared to accept or to reject subjectively as innternational names based on other types, in the sense that it pro- vides the proper name for the zoologist to use, whichever taxonomic course his judgment prescribes.


In the period July to October under Charles Wardell Stiles as Secretary of the Commission, there were Opinions issued Opinions ratified at the Boston Congress,were originally published in Science,26,and republished July Un zoologiste qui utilise le nom d’un genre ou d’un taxon de rang inferieur devrait citer le nom de I’auteur et la date au moins une fois dans chaque publication.

The system of using a binominal nomenclature turned out to have great convenience and acceptability, and taxonomy entered a flourishing period. If the enlargement or reduction internatiojal not linear, but relates to surface or volume, it should be specified.

Code international de nomenclature zoologique | IUCN Library System

Dans le Code, terme general qui s’applique a la deter- mination d’une espece-type, soit par designation originelle ou subsequentesoit par indication voir ce mot. A named family, objectively defined by its type-genus; thus the nominal family muscidae is always the one to which its nominal type- genus, Musca, belongs. Un zoologiste ne devrait pas fonder un nouveau nom du groupe-espece sur un nom de personne ou de lieu lorsqu’un nomenclatuee nom derive du meme mot est en usage dans le meme genre ou dans un genre voisin ou associ6, p.

The letter q may be used to represent the Arabic qaf. De la Date de Publication VI. It became apparent early that an around-the-table meeting of the Editorial Committee would be valuable.

Details – Code international de nomenclature zoologique / – Biodiversity Heritage Library

The Section met on 21 July, under the chairmanship of T. Homonymes primaires et secondaires [Art. Interpretation of oldest name. Un mot provenant d’une langue non classique devrait recevoir une terminaison latine: It exists because the practice of zoologists in regard to them is not sufficiently uniform to permit the formulation of rules covering them at this time.


Un zoologiste ne devrait pas publier un nom pour la premiere fois dans un resume, une table des matieres, une introduction ou une clef, destines a paraitre avant le travail ou la partie du travail qui contient la description du nouveau taxon en question. For the first time in the biological sciences, the parallel English and French texts “are equivalent in force, meaning and authority” Art.

Noms publics avant This principle is varied whenever euphony demands, especially when eu, representing the Greek cu, is followed by nojenclature vowel o, as in Enomphalus, Eiiodice. Dans une serie-type, chacun des specimens autres que I’holotype. From this week of discussion, with decisions by vote on debated points and on individual provisions, there emerged a modified draft of the Code presented by the Co-ordinating Committee as its Report to the final, 8th, session of the Colloquium on Sunday, 20 July.

Nomenclwture, Ottawa ; on family-group names J. Rccommeudatiotis on the Formation of Names Criteria of Puhlication 7 II. He not only gave valuable advice and co-operation on this provision but elsewhere in the Code and in intefnational Appendices notably Appendices B, C, and D. Concerning each provision, each clause frequently down to single wordsand their interrelationships with other parts of the Code, there occurred free and frank exchange of ideas before present statements were considered acceptable.

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