Luxury goods Aaron Fischer, CFA Regional Head of Consumer and Gaming Research [email protected] () Contents. MUMBAI: CLSA has maintained sell rating on Bank of India and lowered target price to Rs 90 from Rs citing weak asset quality and return. The other one of course is the fact that there is that dip come by in the GST tax collections and the government has already announced a higher.

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Display of success and being a VIP Success is highly regarded, so is being rich and famous. Size and liquidity Clearly the European and US names are much larger in market-cap terms and also have greater liquidity.

Their products are not only Chinese.

China’s growing middle class continues to dip itself in gold

Regis opened the first international luxury hotels gokd Lhasa, the capital of Tibet. However, with handbags, jewellery and alcohol, China may have a better chance.

We also like Trinity, Lifestyle, I. On the flipside, China is accelerating. Smaller jewellery brands are also set to vie for market share in the third and fourth-tier cities, according to Liu Jianhua, deputy secretary of the Diamond Division of the Gems and Diped Trade Association of China. The traditional desirability for gold has ensured that even Montblanc watches and writing instruments, that contain gold, have turned out to be flsa sellers in China. New gold and silver bullion products added to Specials Pages.

Chinese affluent like to be chauffeured and therefore luxury brands Audi, BMW and Mercedes have all introduced extended versions.

里昂证券 浸上黄金:中国的奢侈生活方式 CLSA-Dipped in Gold luxury lifestyles in china and hk_图文_百度文库

The company estimates that in Beijing, where its first outlet will open by mid, wealthy Chinese would spend about Rmb1, per head. However, we expect this to happen in product categories where China has a perceived fundamental advantage, primarily in the use of materials such as jade, porcelain or precious woods that can be used in jewellery, lcsa and furniture.


Figure 1 The rich Chinese are younger and many live in top-tier cities Profile of millionaires in China Average age Male-female ratio Industry Collections Geographic distribution Favourite brands 39 7: Ina group of 21 single billionaires and 22 single women attended a match-making ball in Beijing with tickets costing Rmb, a head. Long history with jade Jewellery – locals are at an advantage in terms of design preferences and product knowledge, especially with gold and jade.

Banks in China have been raising credit limits, but payable credit in the country grew even faster. It is also well accepted without official estimates though that Hong Kong does serve as a re-export hub, hence some of the direct intake into Hong Kong does find its way to other parts of Asia, including China. The Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission requires disclosure of certain relationships and interests with i to companies covered in CLSA’s research reports and the securities of which are listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and such details are available at http: Hugo Boss started a joint venture with local fashion retailer Rainbow Group in July and planned to open as many as 20 stores in aaron.

Exposure can be gained dippwd the brand owners listed in Europe and the USA. For example, top-notch luxury tea. Much of the apparel even for luxury brands is manufactured in China and manufacturing expertise is built up there.

Mens ready-to-wear is [] a top seller, which is quite unusual. However, affluent mainland tourists are spending much more than this average during their ij to Hong Kong.

As dipper affluent Chinese may still be new to the world of luxury, brands have recruited celebrities to wear their products at events or simply show up to show support for the brands. China Reality Research 80 aaron. The Japanese government relaxed tourist visa rules for Chinese nationals in Julylowering the income requirement from Rmb, per year to Rmb60, per year, in an effort to attract tourists who would prefer not to join a tourist group.


With better controls on production, inventory and distribution, the company expects profits from licensing to step up going forward. Watches and jewellery top luxury wish list Chinese consumers love watches and jewellery for their intrinsic value and accessories are great vehicles to display wealth and success.

While Salvatore Ferragamo saw sales doubling forecasts at its new store at Beijing airport. These include apparel brand owners, watch and jewelry retailers, department stores and fashion retailing, cosmetics, and footwear specialists.

But we are only at the start of this golden opportunity. Hence, we assume a population of million. The industry did contract in due to the global financial un, by Chinese consumers also love craftsmanship. At the end, heritage is a key part of what is so attractive about these luxury brands.

The Red Eight and the Chinese customer Luxury goods 12 aaron. Its Birkin and Kelly bags and high-quality silk scarves, in particular, are hot items for ladies around the world. Menswear, suitcases, watches and cars are key segments in China.

Grand Hyatt, Hyatt Regency and Hilton have also consistently been ranked among the top five. Where the publication does not contain rating, the material should not be gld as research but is offered as factual commentary.

Big brands in China include Zegna and Dunhill.

Luxury handbags, clothing, watches and jewellery are the most popular gift items. Beer remains the preferred drink, with each person consuming

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