An easy to understand altissimo register clarinet fingering chart with large images , alternate fingerings, and sound. Don’t be afraid to approach altissimo notes armed with several different fingering charts. Two of my favorites are Ridenour’s Clarinet Fingerings. This page has pictures of the fingering positions of all the commonly played notes on the clarinet. Great for printing out for your beginning student.

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Be aware if you are biting don’t do it! Friday, October 17, Bass clarinet altissimo fingerings. Some of the fingerings are useful only in trills or as the top note in scalar passages. The clarinet follows a logical fingering and keywork system. I particularly liked your advice about playing up an octave to practice the altissimo notes. Free blowing and good for ff. Experiment to find optimal amount of mouthpiece and reed in your mouth.

Clarinet Technique, has many altissimo fingerings in chart formbut also shows many examples of fingering patterns, in this register. Know of a great link or video? Fuzzy tone on plastic instruments. R G Full sound and great response at pp.

Keep on hitting those high notes! Easy to finger LH only. This page from the website of Terje Lerstad is a great resource for anyone dealing with these issues. Thanks for the article.


The Clarinet of the 21st Century – II/4 Alternate Altissimo Fingering Chart

GK R G Secure at ppuseful for wide interval leaps. For quick slurs with D 6. Comment Name Email Website.

RT 4 Trill fingering with B 5. Slowly practice one octave chromatic scales progressing higher and higher. RT G 12 F. Sharper than previous fingering. More in Clarinet Cache pool. As anyone who plays or teaches bass clarinet knows well, altissimo fingerings altissim bass clarinet can be quite confusing.

The Complete Guide to the Clarinet Altissimo Register

This fingering chart includes both basic fingerings and alternatives that are more appropriate in some passages. R G Dark, covered sound. RT 34 Trill fingering with C 6. RT G Full tone, good intonation, and great response at pp. Smith 1 woodwind quintet 1 YouTube 6. Less flat, trill fingering with Altisximo 6. The longer tube length that is in play produces thicker, darker timbres that are generally more secure at loud dynamic levels Example 7.

Vandoren, Vandoren V12, Vandoren German Cut, Grand Concert, Zonda or Olivieri depending on the facing specifications of your mouthpiece and the tone quality that you want Top of page Embouchure Develop a “pointed chin” embouchure so you can control the force of the bottom lip against the reed.


Ridenour, Thomas, Clarinet fingerings, A comprehensive guide for the performer and educator. Things quickly turn from c,arinet to clunky and confusing once clarimet venture above the upper break above high C into altissimo-land.

For altissimo use a slightly more open throat say “ahhhh” a little bit. VI – preparation – a complex fingering – player must have time to prepare it -legato connection to it may not be possible.

For best altiesimo quality use only enough jaw pressure to prevent the note from being flat and to hold the mouthpiece steady. Trill fingering with B 5. RT G Harmonic C 6.

Clarinet Cache: Bass clarinet altissimo fingerings

Full sound and great response at pp. Good intonation and response. Play consecutive altissimo notes with the most logical and uncomplicated fingerings that work well together.

Trill fingering with F 6. G 6 to A 7 This fingering chart includes both basic fingerings and alternatives that are more appropriate in some passages. Slight deviations in pitch may exist, but these are easily corrected by adjustments of embouchure and air pressure. RT 02— 4 ———.

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