I have been asked to investigate implementing HSRP on two routers. All the information I have collected states that the HSRP commands. This document provides a sample configuration for HSRP in Cisco Series switches for Siwtch A is active state of HSRP and Switch B is in standby state. How to Configure HSRP on a Cisco Router (with GSN3 lab) these routers could be multilayer switches such as a Cisco or as well.

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Sun Nov 22, 6: And if you’re going to hsrrp different switches, LACP is not something that works unless you have a stack, VSS, or Nortel’s thing that allows aggregation across switches. Exactly right about the core switches and routers. This is a good opportunity to “do it right”, so any comments are welcome.

Assuming that’s your topology you can’t run GLBP across all of them since there isn’t layer 2 connectivity, it’s layer 3. CraigConstantine Yes Harp know, but I’m sure people post questions and then answer strait after, not some csico of time later when they have figured out the answer to the question even if it’s only 5 minutes laterthey answer strait away because they already knew the answer before posting the question.

Note though that this depends on your hardware and software combination, not all HSRP implementations offer this. This change adjusts timers that most people assume are fixed at seconds on Cisco IOSso be sure to include this in continuity docs.

That’s why it’s appealing to me. To me, ECMP is the real issue here – so in addition to the above steps to limit unknown unicast flooding, you can also tune the route metrics toward the WAN so that R1 is preferred over R2 for the return traffic. Why would my router be participating in STP as a root bridge? HSRP and tracking will take care of the egress traffic.


IMO, it’s far better to pick a default gateway and stick to it. Mon Nov 30, 4: The higher priority will determine which router is active. You can have multiple cisc and networks configured using the same standby group number if the fail over behavior needed is the same. Arbelac Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius Tribus: This will result in the WAN forwarding all traffic for Sat Nov 21, 1: Razer’s Sila gaming router packs all the perks in its trademark black box.

There doesn’t even need to be HSRP, just if there are two routers it can bite you and cause even loops. If your consultants are suggesting anything much different than the above we’re either missing a ton of ciaco or you might 2nd guess your choice of consulting company. Phones hsdp Shara Tibken Oct 25, However, there is a configuration parameter that allows you to choose the number of GARPs including “infinite” and the interval.

In the former scenario, the urgency is easier to communicate, whereas in the latter, there’s a lot of temptation to defer the expense because the only time you’ll have a problem is when there’s a failure. Mar 12, Posts: Ciscco was thinking in a very simple setup here.

HSRP, GLBP and VRRP – Ars Technica OpenForum

Originally posted by Uhlek: This means that all packets egressing from the switch will first pass through r We then configured both gateways on each host. Originally posted by MaxIdiot: This rarely works the way you expect even with a nice teaming protocol like LACP.


I would recommend that. Or if you want to work it out yourself draw the packet flow if switch 6 or 8 or whatever is the default bsrp for a user behind sw 1 using GLBP. R2 config interface ethernet0 R2 config-if ip address The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.

We have a HSRP topology similar to the first diagram below for many of our facilities. Also, it’s really dead simple to implement.


Post as a guest Name. I’d rather concentrate on other good basics to utilize network paths. Since you have no way of knowing at the router which host was given which gateway, you’ll have to have someone check the host’s ARP table to determine which true default gateway it’s using. Secondary to my hsrl answer, I just realized the question is asking from the opposite direction: Or short answer, explain what you have now in more depth preferably with a Visio.

If getting more bandwidth isn’t really a goal, I would.

On all IOS switches: With GLBP, half hosts will be sending outbound packets to r01 to route out, and the other half will be sending them to r02 to cisoc out. Originally posted by EricP: I find this a bit strange. Cisco obviously has their own agenda, the design recommendations are typically very well thought out, tested in practice etc. So our trick is totally useless.

If the distribution layer switches are layer 2 only, then only the core switches should run whichever FHRP you choose.

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