Computer Hardware Servicing NC II Reviewer – Free download as Word Doc . doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. through my experience, passing the TESDA NC II Computer Hardware Servicing Exam is not really difficult as long as you follow these. Computer Hardware Servicing – NC2 Reviewer. and basic outline of the examination of TESDA in Computer Hardware andServicing NC II 1.

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This can be one particular of the most beneficial blogs we have ever arrived across on this subject. And take note some Assessor are very strict on this part, though your PC is working they will not accept incorrect connection.

Hello, Nice Post has been shared here. To pass this assessment you need the following: Use a good crimping tool and punch down tool Create network cables nx but surely but make sure it will not take too long, we have time duration remember? Understanding Network components for LAN connectivity. It helpful for future use. Port connects external devices to system unit. Turn-off your firewall before installing network printer.

It is a two course training merge into one training. You need no further PC Repair training after completing this course.


The computer have rveiewer damaged and can’t even boot in BIOS settings. Maintained by a small battery after you turn the computer off.

TESDA Computer Hardware Servicing NCII with Exam (Fast Track) | CNCTC, Inc.

Yuu November 22, at 6: Also called an expansion card. Instructor-led, Hands-On training approach. Enter the appropriate IP address Install the CPU, fan, heat sink and memory module on the motherboard. This is the easiest part, just make sure you install the operating system in its right location I mean Drive C: You can test your knowledge in computer hardware by attending Computer Hardware Quiz.

Make sure you are familiar reviewwer the connection of Front Panel Led’s in the motherboard because not all mobo xhs the same standard in connecting this wire s. Because I see some candidates or students taking cns for granted and the result? It is stored in a ROM chip on the motherboard. Derrick Ramos July 28, at 8: Assemble System Unit manual: Install the motherboard into the casing and expansion cards.

This will be based in all the tasks that you will undergo in the assessment and some theoretical knowledge when you are in college or training: Subscribe Stay Informed Subscribe. It is much better to first know the basic knowledge in CHS, please follow the rebiewer below to explore advance techniques on how to pass the Assessment Examination http: It is very nice post.


Configure and Print manual: The training does not stop there because it includes Implementing, Configuring and Administering a Rveiewer Active Directory Infrastructure It teaches you all you need to know to administer a Windows Network.

Make sure you are knowledgeable about static electricity or ESD, why do I say that? It is assumed that you have the prior basic knowledge on computer hardware and software operations. It is good post.

Computer Systems Servicing NC II

Configuring the Active Directory infrastructure Configure a forest or a domain Remove a domain; perform an unattended installation; Active Directory Migration Tool ADMT ; change forest and domain functional levels; interoperability with previous versions of Active Directory; Configure trusts Forest trust; selective authentication vs. After entering the required information, click the OK button twice and close the Control Panel window.

Take necessary precautions to protect the components of the computer from damage caused by ESD Electrostatic Discharge.

Assemble a Desktop Computer and configure the system. Install Operating System and Device Drivers. Also called main memory or primary storage. You should know how to: Read and follow instructions on the manual carefully.

It is simple and best.

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