The case traces chotuKool’s development and evolution from an initial product concept Could chotuKool really redefine the company and bring refrigeration to . Godard and Boyce: Checkout Case study Question and Answers Q 1. Assess the business case for Checkout. What are the critical success. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. chotuKool: “Little Cool,” Big Opportunity. case study. Rory McDonald · Derek C.M. van Bever · Efosa.

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We addressed these challenges by being humble to caae and adapt from these insights. The sales may be affected and the focus or the target market may be confused.

Reaching out to customers: Checkout Case study Question and Answers Q 1. First Godard conducted research with Disruptive Innovation in mind and designed Checkout.

Markets that do not exist cannot be analyzed. The product must be available and understood by the target market well. This is a very useful tool in rural areas where there is a shortage of power. Cite View Details Educators Purchase.

I have been fortunate to work chtukool Prof Shiba and experience a transformation in my leadership approach. Therefore the overall Corporate Strategy was a smart and effective one.

Yet their daily life can significantly improve, if they can store some milk, daily vegetables and fruits without spoiling and get half a dozen bottles chtoukool cold water. Chotukool was conceived and created based on many of these latent needs and almost invisible insights. The Implications of the brand: This created awareness and promoted the product effectively in its tagged market- the rural areas.


Sunderraman and his team have found a way to penetrate an untapped market. Observation and interview skills learned from VLFM program were used to gain deep insights of the BOP consumers in their natural habitat.


Finance Globalization Health Care. For several small businesses like flower selling, snacks vending and small kiosk shops, Chotukool became an earning asset.

Therefore it was one of the best products. As the technology continues to improve – Mr. It is a different category!

But the same work would help Godard in focusing on its primary objectives. Many do not have even access to grid power. Reflecting on the importance of innovation, Mr.

This case examines two incidents of alleged religious discrimination that made their way to the U. Chotukool is NOT a refrigerator!

Chotukool: Keeping things cool with frugal innovation

Therefore according to me the target market for a business model must be clearly defined as the marketing in a huge diversified country like India becomes difficult to manage. What is your take on simultaneous pursuit of two parallel business models in name cooling solution industry Rural vs. This stury developed into our 3Lvision for the BOP! The market penetration for refrigerators in the urban market was 18 percent and in the rural market it was 2 percent.

  ASTM D1683 PDF

Godrej Chotukool Case Study by Prutha Pandya on Prezi

Chotukool is improving the quality of life of rural households in India. And finally we thank all of you and JICA for giving as an opportunity to share our learning in this august gathering.

We also consciously remained frugal —focused on low cost to end user, worked with small teams and kept investments very low. Cite View Details Purchase Related.

This enables us to continue our experiments for learning which we reinvest in the business as improvements. For some small shops, it provided additional earning by giving opportunities to vend cool water and soft drinks. Building skills in people at the BOP, creating income for them and driving affordability will remain a formidable challenge!

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