It is requested that Annual Report on the CGEGIS in respect of DAD personnel and Non-DAD personnel (Defence Civilians) may kindly. CGEGIS Table for Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme – – Tables of Benefits for the savings fund for the period from to. 9, 7(1)/EV/, Rate of monthly subscription and insurance cover under CGEGIS for erstwhile Group ‘D’ employees placed in PB-1, Grade Pay Rs. /-.

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Reservation Policy and Important orders. Possibility for 4 Percent DA hike from January This register shall be sent to the DDO concerned once a year to verify whether appropriate subscription are being recovered from all employees who have joined the Insurance Fund or both the Insurance Fund and the Savings Fund under the Scheme and to record a certificate to this effect.

In the event of death of a member during Extra-ordinary leave, the DDO should recover arrears in subscription alongwith interest, from the payment to the nominee admissible under the scheme. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Similarly, on regular promotion of a member of a lower Group to a higher Group after 1st January in a year, his subscription will be raised from the 1st January of the next year.


CGEGIS | Directorate General Defence Estates

January DA Calculator. Your email address will not be published. Pre Pension Arrears calculator. Click here to See. Read the Related Posts: In view of this, it has been decided that the Table of benefits will be issued on quarterly basis commencing from 1. Expected DA from January Calculator. While one Table of Benefits for the savings fund gcegis the scheme is based on a subscription of Rs.

The benefits in the Tables have been worked out on the basis of interest 7. A portion of the subscription is credited to Insurance Fund and the other portion to the Savings Fund in the ratio of 3: If an employee dies during a month before recovery of subscription for that month, his dues will be paid after deducting the subscription.

However, DEA has now shifted to notifying the interest rate on quarterly basis.

The employees will be enrolled as members of the scheme only from 1st January every year. The Savings Fund will earn interest at the prescribed rate to be compounded quarterly. You found the cheapest rescue data recovery service. It is the web solution. Earlier, DEA used to notify the interest rate on financial year basis. Get Free daily updates Enter your email address: This scheme provides for the Central Govt.


If an employee enters service on or after 2nd January in any year, he will be enrolled as a member only cgegiss 1st January of the next year. In the case of absence on Extra Ordinary leave, subscription due should be recovered in arrears in not more than 3 instalments after the member rejoins duty, alongwith appropriate interest thereon.

Children Education Allowance Certificate Format.

CGEGIS 1980 – Tables of Benefits for the period from 01.04.2017 to 30.06.2017

While calculating the amount it has been assumed that the subscription has been recovered or will be recovered from the salary of the month in which a member ceases to be in service failing which it should be deducted from accumulated amounts payable. It will also not apply to persons recruited in the Central Government after attaining the age of 50 years. However, he will be entitled to insurance cover from the actual date of entry of service till the end of that calender year by paying monthly subscription of Rs.

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