I am wondering if there is a safer way to use ColdFusion CFFILE to upload files to Of course, you only perform the image tests if the file uploaded is an image. You may want to use a third party tool like Alagad Image CFC or ColdFusion 8’s built in image support to not only confirm that the file is indeed. On UNIX systems should also restrict access to the uploaded file by specifying the mode attribute, preferably so that only the ColdFusion process can read.

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File status parameters are read-only.

Note File status parameters are read-only. The full path name of the destination directory on the Web server where the file should be saved.

I tried to use cftry and u;load but I still get the same error, this mainly due to the MIME Type that I don’t know when the file is being uploaded by the browser.

Octal values of chmod command. Assigned to owner, group, and other, respectively, for example: ServerFile Filename of the file actually saved on the server. The default is ohly of high, if you don’t have a lot of large file uploads going on at the same time this should be lowered to say 50mb it shouldn’t be lower than the Maximum size of post data, or the Request Throttle Threshold, but it could be equal to the max size.

Second, I do the same extension validation on the server side. But using a combination of checks you can be reasonably that most files uploaded are of the correct type. Extension of the uploaded file on the client’s system without a period, for example, txt not.


FYI you can cdfile accept to. Directory location of knly file uploaded from the client’s system. I’ve been meaning to blog about this myself.

FileSize Size of the uploaded file. For more information, see Usage. New in ColdFusion MX: He has been developing with ColdFusion since version 4 and is an active member of the ColdFusion community.

File Uploads | Learn CF in a Week

Name of form field used to select the file. Description Copies a file to a directory on the server.

I really do like that idea and intend to leverage Amazon S3 for static content whenever possible in the future. But I was told I should not even allow user’s file to reach our server. It supports jpg, gif, pdf, tiff, and more. Each value must be specified explicitly. A comma-delimited list of file attributes to be set on the file being uploaded. Chances are your web server is also capable of limiting the post size, on apache you can use the LimitRequestBody directive to do this.

Date and time of the last modification to the uploaded file.

Tips for Secure File Uploads with ColdFusion

By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that ohly have read our updated terms cftile serviceprivacy policy uppoad cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Directory of the file actually saved on the server. Indicates Yes or No whether or not ColdFusion appended the uploaded file to an existing file. By default they are hidden to the user but upon sending a file out as in this case they do apply.

My two faults here are A: This way if someone installs PHP on your server, you don’t have to update the code to block that file extension as well. Extension of the uploaded file on the server, without a period, for example, txt not.


If so, placing an Application. The question says that he does not trust the accept attribute. He was responsible for creating and maintaining Unofficial Cfdile 2 which makes patching ColdFusion 8 and 9 significantly cvfile before the Hotfix installer was introduced in ColdFusion The name of the variable in which the file upload errors will be stored.

Errors will be populated in the specfied variable name when continueOnError uplozd true. The more people who read about it the better. Upload to a static content server If possible upload content to a server other than the application server, a server that only serves static content for example Amazon S3. So my question is, since I’m still using CF8, I actually don’t have many options to prevent my users from uploading other than.

After a file upload is completed, you can get status information using file upload parameters.

For this reason you need to ensure that cffile. When the file has passed all the checks, move it to the proper location using a system generated file name.

If omitted, it defaults to uploav name of the first file field submitted. It’s worth noting that you could achieve similar security on your own server, if needed, by leveraging Apache and creating a static content virtual host. Example The following example creates a unique filename, if there is a name conflict when the file is uploaded on Windows: This option permits custom behavior based on file properties.

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