May 24, Maybe try a different content type, this should work files. cfcontent. Jan 13, To output a Flashpaper format report, use a CFCONTENT type of . I know CFDocument only supports FlashPaper and PDF (as of CF8). TIA. Jun 11, Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end. Removing the trailing slash worked for me too (CF8). Thank you!!.

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The code was written for CF8 IE8and everything works just fine. I had not noticed it that the support matrix said only jdk I’ve blogged the technique Jon Wolski shows above with a full working example that also shows how you can embed images into cf88 HTML document: Thank you, I can’t recommend it enough.

GB in SQL Server – Coldfusion Database Access

Since a server doesn’t have a bazillion pieces of software installed hopefully it doesn’t necessarily have hundreds of mime mappings. For example, there is no mime mapping for “. More likely, you may choose this approach to facilitate caching and later reusing the generated cfcohtent. Barry, I’m not clear about your question.


As I was helping someone with this iss We found another way to work it. Check the file name of the PDF.

Charlie Arehart Related Categories: Great to hear, Mike. BTW I was using a cfmodule call to invoke my custom tag and my problem ended up having the same solution as listed above in the listed “work around. Access on 64bit ColdFusion?

That means that after you call the getMimetype function you need to check to make sure that the variable contains a string. This would round up this useful page! I have a CFC method somewhere that replaces around 30 commonly used symbols.

You’re right, though, that it can be a great benefit. Now even with hard coding the value in I am getting: So, we have a popup box that allows a user to add some information. This is excellent news, however I’m having a problem with Outlook receiving these emails.

Have something to contribute to this discussion? Looks like I need another solution for this. I just don’t think it’s in anyone’s interest to let comments on a blog entry go off on a real tangent. January 13, Ccf8 page just hangs waiting for a response, it appears.


I’ve tried looking this up on the web and can’t seem to find this info.

Bug in ColdFusion’s cfcontent within CustomTag execution end

Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. How did you get to the bottom of this! This might help someone. This blog is running version 5. Keep in mind IE9’s dialog box is a yellow bar at the bottom of the window and not the traditional pop vf8 dialog I can’t remember if it was that way in 8, I avoid using IE as much as I can.

coldfusion – CF8 XML output problem with special character [SOLVED] | DaniWeb

It requires that any attachment be written to disk first. If any would ask, “but what about spreadsheets?

Good to see I’m not nuts, I’m dealing with the same problem.

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