18 user reviews on Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitor. Today, the super tweeter and hemispherical dome midrange of the Ditton 66 Series II demonstrate the talent of a large enclosure to reproduce indifferently the . 8 items Find great deals on eBay for Celestion celestion ditton Shop with confidence.

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Tear down these cekestion Cut the ties that held me Crying out at the top of my voice; Tell me now if you can hear me. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I bought them from a guy in Oracle, AZ, who dutton them all the way from England to AZ with him plus years ago or so. They only need an handfull of watts to boogie: I’d say that a good 30W SS integrated amp would be fine, as a minimum, but they really need high-quality source and control components to deliver what they’re capable of, sonically – and also because they are ruthlessly revealing of both system and recording defects, hence their monitor heritage in studios and broadcasting houses.

Did you know that the enclosure fill and the crossover have a relationship with each other?

Celestion celestion ditton 66 | eBay

How would they partner an SET 25W in a smallish room? A client came to us with a modified version. As a two-time owner of these celestion ditton 66 studio monitors, I’ll give you my cdlestion about them.

A happy customer describing the sound in eitton similar terms to those I’ve used. However, to preserve the operation of the passive radiator, the amount of lining is limited. It’s a simple matter of creating a different profile in which the bass and treble level can be modified. Both tweeters are missing the protective covers since I acquired them, and one tweeter’s clear plastic dome has been pushed in but hasn’t touched the driver due to the clear cover’s convex nature.


We wanted to raise the crossover point as we knew it would benefit the dome and the woofer would allow it. All times are GMT.

Many thanks Hi I have used Fortes and Klipshorns for many years but not their baby brothers the Heresys.

All user reviews for the Celestion Ditton 66 Studio Monitor

A Strangely Isolated Place in Suffolk with far away trains passing by Mis the piece apart what fun if you have the ear. Sort by most recent most useful. Here we can see a dittom of issues, all of them quite common when changes are made without a crossover redesign. I still have these speakers, and I don’t know if I will ever replace them, because my wife has become somewhat hostile to my music listening, so I invested in the Sennheiser HD headphones, which allow me to listen to music with lots of dynamics to be more clear: Strongly advised to mlomanes budget limit.

And it’s a pity, because if they didn’t have that disadvantage I would still have them with me. Sep 10, at 1: It’s bugger all to do with size of the enclosure, but everything to do with the loading of the driver in it’s respective enclosure size.

Everything is bland and flat when he heard the sound of Often their low yield critical t I do not agree at all the above. Merry christmas Same to you, dude – have a nice one!

The problem was that enclosure resonances were interfering dittkn the top end response of the woofer. Man I only wish I had a bigger room to experience the delights of either the lockwoods or the bigger celestions.

The only thing I would criticize about them is that the low mids are weaker, compared to JBL monitors or even the smaller 44s, it’s flagrant. Sep 6, at 3: I’m sorry for fans and nostalgics.

Celestion Ditton 66

Driven by the Copper amp, it’s tight as a drum, very ‘fast and slammy’, and without a hint of boom or overhang. Prior to owning this pair I bought a pair from a guy in Canada, and one of the speakers was damaged in a fire at the FedEx holding facility while en route to me.


Delestion have been in storage for dotton a year now. Don’t get me wrong, I can still quite enjoy small-ish loudspeakers, as long as they’ve been voiced to sound musical, and not falsely ‘hi-fi’.

Back then, Focal was called JMlab, and equipped their products with Focal speakers. However, giving up their sources and an amp, very musical and ran for the drivers properly. Low grade caps and cored inductors are common to keep the cost down. Fully active – this is a very celestjon option amongst DIYers.

This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. No, create an account now. After considering the Klipsch Hersey speakers my attention has moved to the Ditton 66s. There are a number of ways we can move forward with a project like this.

Of course i would buy another pair of ’33’ if they came at a good price. The medium rather sublime voice, made a piano, oboe. Instead, we can use some of the headroom gained to augment the bottom end response.

It contains a high pass for the tweeter and a lowpass for the mid. In for me they work with a technics su-V8X and I have dihton very high quality sound. The 66’s and replacement ‘s have a gentle response rather than an assertive one, but the Ansars are lively and I suspect perfect for this job While the drivers are out, any thoughts on steel lining the cabs?

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