Cavitation Bubble Trackers. By Y. LECOFFRE. Balkema, pp. ISBN 90 9. 75 Hfl. – Volume – J. R. Blake. Cavitation and bubble cloud dynamics are of importance in various fields front tracking[14] and Mixed-Eulerian-Lagrangian/boundary integral. : Cavitation Bubble Trackers () by Yves Lecoffre and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible Books available now.

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The Wood formula is commonly applied to model the sound speed in vaporous cavitation sections, because it is easy to implement, and it gives satisfactory results, but this formula is not physically consistent with the simulation of phase transition processes.

Choked cavitation in micro-orifices: Characterization of flows in the sac chamber and discharge hole of a DI diesel injection nozzle by using a transparent model nozzle. Conclusion The fluid dynamical effects and the modelling aspects of vaporous cavitation in engineering systems have been reviewed. The following cavitation model is reported as it has frequently been used in the literature [ 778 ]:.

This definition of choking due to cavitation is in line with that of a choked flow in aerodynamics. Some basic assumptions of the single-bubble model become critical in many real situations. The general analogy between supersonic flows and cavitation is enforced by considering the occurrence of the choked flow in nozzles that are subjected to hydrodynamic cavitation.

Experimental study of aerated cavitation in a horizontal Venturi nozzle. Analysis of cavitation inception. It has been observed [ 60 ] that the re-entrant jet is dominant during the earlier stages of the instability, whereas a propagating shock wave appears during the later stages for the intensive cloud-shedding phase [ 61 ].

Supercavitation can also be defined as a regime with a clear vapour—liquid separation layer. Cavitation scale effects for valves. Investigation of internal flow in transparent diesel injection nozzles using fluorescent particle image velocimetry FPIV.

The cavitation region that had previously formed figure 16 is progressively swept away by this compression wave. Figure 14 shows the tensile strength of water, i. Fluids 29— The latter circumstance causes minimum values of the discharge coefficient [ 63 ], and thus reduces the liquid flow penetration in the downstream environment, which in turn results in altered spray characteristics. Cavitating flow in diesel injectors and atomisation: Finally, it should be pointed out that the phenomena related to the Blake radius cannot be studied when the surface tension effect is not included in the simplified Rayleigh—Plesset equation.


Parameter n 0 is the number of cavitation bubbles per unit volume of the liquid phase n 0 coincides with the number of initial nuclei and R t is the instantaneous bubble radius all the vapour bubbles should have the same diameter at a certain instant. Cavitation in real-size multi-hole diesel injector nozzles. The pressure recovery, downstream from vena contracta region C up to section 2 in figure 1can be estimated by applying the momentum balance equation to the stream.

CN crit and CN start versus Re [ 24 ]. Different discharge coefficient formulae are analysed in this paper: Exclusive web offer for individuals.

Funding No funding has been provided for this study. Ferrari A, Rapetto N. Erosion occurs because bubbke pressure waves remove the layer of oxides that had previously formed on the hydraulic system walls, and the air content in the liquid can therefore oxidize a new layer on these walls, which progressively become thinner. Experimental study of flow regime characteristics in diesel multi-hole nozzles with different structures and enlarged scales.

Numerical simulation of incipient cavitation flow in a nozzle of a fuel injector. Direct injection diesel sprays and the effect of cavitation and hydraulic flip atomization.

Numerical simulation of the cavitation process in diesel fuel injectors. Numerical simulation trwckers cavitation flows based on their hydrodynamic similarity. In general, C d increases as Re increases for a liquid flow, and tends to an asymptotic value, then abruptly decreases as Re increases in the cavitation regime, due to the presence cavigation cavitation choking, and finally remains constant because of hydraulic flip [ 71 ].

The sound speed of cavitating flows is close to zero, regardless of the selected thermodynamic evolution.

Cavitation: bubble trackers

Designing load-compensated fast response hydraulic servos. Experimental results are quite promising. Rough surface effects on cavitation inception.

Barotropic homogeneous mixture models are usually applied for the modelling of acoustic cavitation, while baroclinic homogeneous mixture models are the most frequently used for hydrodynamic cavitation. Influence grackers the amount of bubble nuclei on cavitation tests of Francine turbine.


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Term C c is the contraction coefficient, trac,ers is defined as. Wang G, et al. A comparative study of two cavitation modeling strategies for simulation of inviscid cavitating flows. Experiments for the different values of K-factor.

کتابخانه مرکزی دانشگاه صنعتی شریف – Cavitation: bubble trackers, Lecoffre, Yves.

Acoustic cavitation is induced by the presence of pressure waves that propagate through the liquid region [ 1112 ].

The data plotted in figure 4 a,bwhich refer to inside the cavitaation region, that is, where C d depends significantly on CN, have been interpolated using equation 4.

The lack of generality represents a serious drawback for cavitation models based on theoretical expressions cavitaton N R. Wear— C d versus Re [ 71 ].

Simplistic power-law approximations of the nucleus-size distribution function, such as the following one, are often applied for engineering and practical calculations []:. As the steady-state fluid velocity is directed towards the nozzle exit, the effects of any change in the downstream reservoir pressure p 2 cannot influence the fluid properties in the field located upstream of A cr when the flow is supersonic throughout an entire section or in a portion of the nozzle as in figure Offline Computer — Download Bookshelf software to your desktop so you can view your eBooks with or without Internet access.

Rounded inlet corners of straight nozzles also affect the recirculation flow that forms at the nozzle cafitation August 5th, — Bubble collapse, as modelled by the complete Rayleigh differential equation, should be much more rapid than bubble growth, but equation 5.

Application of hydrodynamic similarity to cavitating flows in straight nozzles The conditions necessary to allow the experimental observations of a cavitation flow in one scale to be transferred cavitwtion another scale, according to the theory of hydrodynamic similarity [ 33344041 ], are the geometrical similarity of the flows and the identification of some dimensionless groups, which are defined with some macroscopic quantities.

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