From the CATIA help documentation: “The Wireframe and Surface workbench allows you to create wireframe construction elements during. This Tutorial contains videos for wireframe and surface design with videos if you have the all types of sweep surface tutorial of will be the full tutorial of sweep in wireframe and surface design catia v5??.

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Skip to main content. Drag the handle to the location shown in Figure 1— Advanced Surface Design 6. The curve network is the backbone on which many surfaces are created. Figure 1—23 Only one mask can be active at a time. Using the Edge Fillet tool place fillets on the edges of the wheel well as shown in Figure 1— Other tools exist to help organize the specification tree.

CATIA V5 Introduction to Surface Design | Rand 3D

Select a geometrical set, as shown in Figure 1— Define in work object Figure 1—42 2. Advanced Surface Design Design This propagation tool enables the system to automatically select all Considerations surfaces that have boundaries that are within the Merging distance parameter value.


You should already be familiar with several methods of capturing the design intent with a solid part model. Features from that geometrical set are added to the group.

CATIA – Wireframe & Surface

Click Mask in the Tools toolbar, as shown in Figure 1— GSD’s Shape Structure Editor facilitates the capture of design intent and accelerates design changes. Any added feature is shown in the surfacr when collapsed in the tree. ASCENT is focused on specializing in the creation of education programs that incorporate the best of classroom learning and technology-based training offerings. Ensure that the model units are set to [mm]. Product Key Customer Benefits.

Each side of the box has a green handle, as shown in Figure 1— All nine surfaces wirecrame be listed in the Join dialog box, as shown in Figure 1— Complete the fill surface. Figure 1—28 The model displays as shown in Figure 1— In the specification tree, note that the geometry has been organized into geometrical sets.

Figure 1—51 Task 7 – Create solid geometry. It includes high-level features with full specification capture and reuse. The workbench symbol changes to.

CATIA V5-6R2016 поднимает искусство проектирования на новый уровень

Hide Wheel Well Sketch. Click to complete the creation of the group.


The wireframe and surface can be designed using the part or assembly context. Mask has been added to the Tools toolbar, as shown in Figure 1— The slab desugn of modeling produced the surfaces provided for you to start with.

Although the surfaces appear to form a closed shape, they still need to be joined before making the solid model.

Advanced Surface Design The model display updates as shown in Figure 1— Rename the completed sjrface surface as [Wheel Offset]. Repeat Step 4 using Front Project Sketch. Advanced Surface Design Task 1 – Open a part file.

Figure 1—31 Design Currently, the NewSurfaces geometrical set contains four fill Considerations surfaces. GSD has features that are used to join several surfaces together. Wireframe elements include point by coordinates, on plane, on curveline point-to-point, point-direction, normal toplane offset, angle, through 3 points, through line and point, offset through pointand curves splines 3D for instance.

Select this handle Figure 1—75 3.

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