Buy Catan Expansion: Seafarers: Hose Reels – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Catan: Seafarers, or Seafarers of Catan in older editions, (German: Die Seefahrer von Catan) is an expansion of the board game The Settlers of Catan for three. Find great deals on eBay for Catan Seafarers in Miscellaneous Board and Traditional Games. Shop with confidence.

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In these two expansions, the ways of using ships and settling new islands are so fundamentally different from each other that cqtan is impossible to combine the expansions.

If you roll a “7” during your turn, you may elect to move the pirate fatan of the robber. In this scenario, players begin with a pre-placed settlement on a main island. You can connect these 2 ships an open shipping route to your road if you build a settlement at intersection “C”.

You may move an active knight to an intersection between three sea hexes if one of your ships is adjacent to this intersection the knight is then assumed to be on the ship. Players win resources if they are able to fend off the pirate attack which depends on the number rolled by the dice, as well as the number of warships in the defending player’s possession; warships are created from using Knight cards on existing shipsbut lose resources if they are unsuccessful.

Roads and ships may not be built along the same coastline.

When you build a new ship, you may place it adjacent to any settlement or city you have already built on the coast see Illustration A. Views Read Edit View history.


Note that due to lighting effect and your own device screen, the color may be slightly different. The six-player version found in the extension has the map split into six islands; the scenario is titled The Six Islandsbut is played identically.

Seafarers Game Rules

As the name of the scenario implies, expanding through the desert into these smaller strips of land, or by sea to the outlying islands, award bonus victory points.

Place the pirate piece near the board before the game begins. For the glory of Catan, you then vie with your opponents to build the most imposing wonders of the world.

You must use the settlement or city that earned you the chit. Heading to New Shores New Shores in older editions is the scenario resembling Teuber’s original design for the game.

Catan Seafarers: Board & Traditional Games | eBay

Besides, combining them doesn’t make much sense anyway. To use the six Catan frame pieces, you need to turn them over seafaters that the all-sea sides are face up—you do not use the harbors that are printed on those frame pieces. This page was last updated: Furthermore, the pirate mechanics have also changed: Let me know if you have any questions.

See each listing for international shipping options and costs. Should a player build next to unexplored terrain, the terrain tile is turned face up, and the player is rewarded with a resource should the tile revealed be resource-producing.

Maritime expansion is seaafarers permitted by building a settlement at the waypoint, however, this increases the chances of a pirate attack.


In addition, no ship may be moved away from the pirate if it is on the border of the hex in which the pirate is sailing. Imprint Contact IP Policy. The ship pieces in the game do not represent the individual ships, just as roads do seafareers represent the actual carts and wagons that travel along your trade routes.

There is, however, one important exception: See pics for details.

How to play Catan Expansion: Seafarers | UltraCatan

When you build a new ship, place it adjacent to a coastal settlement or a ship you have already built. Clever trading, strategy, tactical skill, luck. The only difference between versions in Seafarersthe extension, and the older editions therein is the size of the frames. You may move the ship pointed to by the arrow to any of the edges vatan “Yes”.

Articles containing German-language text All articles with unsourced statements Articles ctan unsourced statements from October If your shipping route reaches a coastline, you can then build a new settlement on that coast, even if it is a new island.

Seafarers uses the same rules as the base game. A knight can also be moved across the sea if the intersection he starts from is connected — via roads and ships or cxtan ships only — to the intersection he ends up on.

Try one of 9 new scenarios!

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